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    I've read some suggestions about different races and i had this picture in my mind of various movie's where the basic idea could fit nicely into the game.

    To create a living universe it would be nice to see planets to be visited by various races from outer space. Some could invade and try to do as much damage as possible. Like in Independence day or War of the Worlds

    ...while others visit and try to say "hello" and maybe even sell you stuff.

    There could also be UFO's flying around with their intention to abduct cows (or even penguins) :giggle:.

    What if some like grey dude suddenly lands with his UFO and just takes a scan from you, follows you a bit around and vanishes again. Maybe something similar happens the next time but with the exception that he doesn't vanish and some of his buddys beam down and try to take away your pixels.

    Others maybe could ask you to go on some quest for them like help them save their planet or find xy material on some distant star, guarded by a fierce and deadly life form.

    This should be random events with not to much premade stuff. It should play like a procedural generated world where it unfolds rather random and unknown. It shouldn't be predictable so that even after playing the game for a longer period you still won't know how such situations will unfold.

    1.) procedural generated ships for visitors to make them look unique every time.
    2.) procedural generated visitors.
    3.) some brilliant AI logic and scripts that have randomness in them but can be combined and shuffled in multiple ways to produce multiple outcomes.

    This idea could be expanded with more and more possibilities in the future.

    It sure would make everything even more interessting. And you'd know that you are not the only one who travells the stars :)
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    This is a very interesting idea!
    I believe that random merchants and quest givers to your home planet or so could really liven it up and such :)
    It could also be fun to have choices like when a random planet gets invaded you could either decide to help the planet and defend them or join the invasion and destroy the civilization!
    So many possibilities!

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