RELEASED Visual Crossing Sprite Overhaul (villager+farmer) UPDATE: with No Bowlegs version!

Discussion in 'Characters' started by k2sync, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Fyn

    Fyn Big Damn Hero

    Small Nitpick. You might want to not include version numbers in the [CP] Folder Name. Otherwise people have to manually delete the old folder or they end up with duplicates. xD

    Also, on Penny's spritesheet, you never fixed Pam's hair in the hugging scene to match Pam's updated hair in your mod. It uses the base game hair.
    • k2sync

      k2sync Void-Bound Voyager

      Good point! I do that because I DO need duplicates when working, though I guess now that I've recently gotten into the habit of saving to that folder, that problem resolves itself, so there's no need to add tedium to the users. (Especially since you can just replace all the files by dropping it in if the filenames are the same, which would be FAR more convenient.)

      Pam's hair just has a fourth tone, so I'm not jumping to fix it, but it'll be adjusted next time I update!
      • k2sync

        k2sync Void-Bound Voyager


        It's always good to keep vanilla players in mind. Should be useful for those playing Co-Op (though XNB edits don't show between players, so you might want to share this mod with all your friends before firing it up. Nothing worse than creating a glamorous, suave character only to find out that to everyone else, they look like they're wearing a ratty t-shirt.)

        The Pam edit was added with bugfix updates! :^)
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        • Fyn

          Fyn Big Damn Hero

          Silly request, can someone make a GIF showing what the Bowlegs vs Non Bowlegs looks like in action? It's hard to tell the different when opening the sprite sheet, other than the thigh gap. Can't tell if they look like they're walking right without the bowleg.

          EDIT: Actually, I did it. Lol.

          [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

          I... think I like bowlegs better. xD The non bow legs look like they're wearing really baggy sweatpants. Lol. Is there a different character that is a better example?
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          • k2sync

            k2sync Void-Bound Voyager

            Jodi wears Capris annd Pam and Shane wear shorts, while most of Emily's legs are covered by a skirt, if you need some visual variety? All other characters should basically look like Sebastian's. Animations take time and a lot of clicking, and I'm trying to avoid injuring my remaining hand, so I can't expend too much energy on doing it myself. X(
            • Fyn

              Fyn Big Damn Hero

              Hmm. I genuinely can't tell which I like better. The no bowlegs looks a little off because there's an extra line of pixels on the shorts next to the legs due to moving the legs in. :/

              BowLegs Pam.gif No BowLegs Pam.gif BowLegs.gif No Bowlegs.gif

              Doesn't seem to be a problem with the full pants ones, just the shorts.

              Also, you forgot to update the version number in the manifest with your bugfix, so the new version keeps saying there's an update. xD
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              • kabibblekitsch

                kabibblekitsch Void-Bound Voyager

                Ok, so I had some extra time today to go through my 80 mods and figure out what is causing this pixelated skin tone thing. But when I deleted EVERY mod except for this one and content patcher it STILL did the Skin Thing™. At this point, I gave up on the Content Patcher version, threw the XNB versions in the root folder and--surprise! It worked.

                I think I just have a cursed computer, haha.

                • Kuriiyo

                  Kuriiyo Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  I remember there being a bug with the skintones before in multiplayer... Maybe it's a content patcher thing.
                  • Fyn

                    Fyn Big Damn Hero

                    Just as a heads up @k2sync If you ever plan to do the sprites for the characters in other places like cursors, etc. look at the Anthro mod.

                    I updated it for content patcher a while back, and it contains every instance of a character being replaced, so it's a good source to figure out what sprites and where need to be replaced.

                    If you want, I can make a list of where they are for you.
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                    • k2sync

                      k2sync Void-Bound Voyager

                      I've actually finished all the loosesprites I wanted to do, but in the middle of coding my brain went "remember that meltdown you had?" and I hadn't gotten around to coding it. I was going to make alt-specific instances, but the code wouldn't register and I couldn't find what caused the error, so I went "haha! This isn't going to be the rest of MY 2 days" and went off to do something else. A little self-reward considering how rapidfire the updates had been for a little while, there.

                      Today's preview:
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                      • Fyn

                        Fyn Big Damn Hero

                        Just for the record, this is the mod I never knew I needed until you made it. :p
                        • k2sync

                          k2sync Void-Bound Voyager

                          haha! This isn't going to be the rest of MY [checks watch] 3 months

                          The code for making alts of the cursor wasn't working so I was convinced I was going to have an aneurysm before it makes it to release but it took like 20 minutes. I really do hate myself. anyway

                          1.4.1 RELEASE WITH LOOSESPRITES
                          ...Now with fix to make the script actually run. Of course it could not be that easy.
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                          • k2sync

                            k2sync Void-Bound Voyager

                            I forgot I was updating. I forgot. I forgot. I forgot for 1 year. 13 months. I was literally JUST about to finish 1.4.2 for 13 months. How did I...Forget?

                            I'll ge prepping to get all these changes coded and making Nobowlegs versions of every single one, though if anyone could spare some help, I'd appreciate it, considering I comedically bungled it last time.

                            Here's a summary until...I...manage?

                            •Gus flickering
                            •Gunther flickering
                            •Kent top blinking
                            •Demetrius back view fix
                            •Lewis colour correction
                            •Maru cleaning
                            •Corrected Alex skintone
                            •Alex spring dance fix
                            •Caroline cleaned
                            •Mariner (NEW!)
                            Mermaid (temporary_sprites) (NEW!)

                            •Sandy Dark alt (NEW!!)
                            •Sandy Simple alt (NEW!!)
                            •Maru/Hospital 4A (hair texture) and plum (skin colour) alt (NEW!!)
                            •Sebastian emo alt (NEW!!)
                            •Sam Slick (&Honey-coloured Slick) alt (NEW!!)
                            •Demetrius lab coat alt (NEW!!)
                            •Haley photokit alt (NEW!!)


                            I'll be bundling an incomplete version of my portrait mod with this one, including Haley and Maru portraits of those alts, since it gets a little, uh. A lot.

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