REQUEST Visual Kei/Rocker/Metal Male Bachelors

Discussion in 'Mods' started by seth0et0holth, Dec 28, 2016.

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    Inspired by the thread on Lolita Fashion bachelorettes and the mod made for them, and that some of the bachelors are pretty close already (Elliott and Sebastian).

    Request being for a visual kei/rock look for the bachelors. Idea being that all styles are represented (since we have enough characters for variety). Personally, I'd like to see Elliott revamped to have more of the Kamijo or Yoshiki princess era style (he's pretty close already so he wouldn't need that much more work), Sebastian to have a look closer to the Nagoya Kei subset (again, he's pretty close - think of the look of the guys in lynch. or Girugamesh for him, or maybe close to Toshiya of Dir en grey). Or since he's a biker, model him on a bosozoku type style.

    Sam would look awesome with a Visual Shock type look (something like Toshi of X Japan from the 1980s, his hair would just need some higher spikes and he'd need a leather jacket with studs etc, or Ume from Tokyo Yankees style with long blonde hair that wasn't spiked)

    Harvey would look awesome modeled after Kiyoharu or Hakuei.

    Shane could be the "cute host" look to contrast with his darker personality, or alternately showing that personality in something dark and scary like Kyo from Dir en grey or Akane from DiD...
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      Oh. My. God.
      I want it as well. rn.
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