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Bug/Issue [VITA] Can't use my save from ps4

Discussion in 'Support' started by san40511, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. san40511

    san40511 Space Hobo

    My ps plus doesn't show my save data file. How can i upload my save file to my vita?
    • alexaxa

      alexaxa Space Spelunker

      Was that game supposed to support cross save ? I don't see any mention of it on PSN so i would assume that it doesn't and won't be implemented.
      • san40511

        san40511 Space Hobo

        then i don't understand for what they release it on ps vita? Almost all people that i know who have vita also have ps4. It's useless for me then because i don't want play it again from scratch. I could play on vita through remote play...
        • gtasthehunter

          gtasthehunter Intergalactic Tourist

          yeah, there is no cross-save it would be nice. But maybe it could be added? But probably a really slim chance of that but I don't really know. But PS4 will be getting the multiplayer update sometime but the PS Vita won't be getting the multiplayer update so the saves wouldn't even be compatible anymore!

          Maybe before the MP update the cross-save could work but after the PS4 gets the MP update it could only be like PS Vita>PS4 and not both ways. Just guessing and also hoping something for this!

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