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Bug/Issue (VITA) Still crashing in mines while mining soil

Discussion in 'Support' started by bluebook, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. bluebook

    bluebook Intergalactic Tourist

    After mining a few patches in the mine, I still keep crashing with error (C2-12828-1). Apparently the new Vita patch doesn't adress these issues, only the ones that have to do with the crashes connected to the trophies. Will we see another follow up patch to adress these other problems?
    • Katzeus

      Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

      Yes. We're aware there are a few outstanding bugs which need addressing and this is one of them. We didn't want to hold off the fix we had developed to group them into one patch. Thanks for the update
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      • bluebook

        bluebook Intergalactic Tourist

        Nice! Thanks for the update!
        • teyavatch

          teyavatch Astral Cartographer

          Thanks for the information! This is exactly what I came here looking for.

          Can anyone else who is having this specific crash weigh in on where/when it’s happening? I don’t dig in the mines all THAT often, but I’ve hit this crash three or four times in the icy portion of the caves. Level 70ish, I think? I’m hunting for a couple of the dwarven scrolls and figured digging would be faster than hoping for a really lucky drop from a duggy or whatever.
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          • Cloudps1

            Cloudps1 Space Hobo

            Big improvement to the flow of the game, I also crashed with the mining issue. Also, Hard lag spikes still occur during the game doing basic tasks.
            • slofkip

              slofkip Void-Bound Voyager

              happens to me too.
              easy way to recreate it is to go to the skull caverns and hoe the soil.
              • Gamercat456

                Gamercat456 Intergalactic Tourist

                Me too made it to year two summer and it gave me an error code c2 12828 1 when I deposited items in to the shipment box
                • slofkip

                  slofkip Void-Bound Voyager

                  also happens when you have been playing for hours. it will then crash randomly
                  • alexaxa

                    alexaxa Space Spelunker

                    I reboot the game every ~3-4 in game days and for me, it stopped the random crashing. I suspect a memory leak. Sometime before it happens, the sound starts to glitch.
                    • Gamercat456

                      Gamercat456 Intergalactic Tourist

                      Ty for the tip I will try that

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