RELEASED Vixxi's Mounts - Wolves, Fox and horses: Current mount WIP: Tiger

Discussion in 'Pets/Horses' started by Vixxi, Mar 11, 2016.

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    Awesome, thanks for the reply! I'll be keeping my eyes out for the updated version.

    (Also looking forward to whenever you get around to the ninetales/kitsune mount =3)
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      Hey mate, you should try making a Joja Pickup truck or something.
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        Hello! I know this thread is ancient, but I just discovered it and I love your wolf and fox mounts! <3 I just tried them out in-game and they still work great. Would you allow me to re-code them and share them? Or I can re-code them and you can share them, if you like! I'm happy to do the work if it means saving these great mounts from undeserved obscurity.

        If you allow me to, I'll convert these to the latest framework for swapping out images in Stardew Valley, a mod called Alternative Textures that allows changing textures in-game. I would create an Alternative Textures pack for these mounts and put it up on Nexus and/or Moddrop (your choice) for people to download for free.

        I hope this reaches you. Thank you again for your hard work on these.

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