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    Okay, this is a more detailed list for the mobs I would put into this biome.

    Ashels: These mobs would be spewed out of the volcano during eruptions. At first glance, they resemble ash blocks. But in reality, these little guys are mobs. Upon collision with the ground, they will bounce up and rush the player. They don't deal much damage, but they swarm the player. About a third of the ash blocks that fall during an eruption would be Ashels.

    Magminians: These creatures spawn in the pools of lava that occur in a Volcano Biome. They will only leave the lava to chase a player that comes too close. When they attack the player, they cause burning, and a fair bit of damage from the initial strike as well. Being out of lava damages these mobs.

    Uvurees: These are worm-like creatures that tunnel around Volcano biomes, eating the nutrients in the soil. They will attack the player in a fashion similar to Terraria worms. They are fairly small, and do minor amounts of damage.

    Tell me what you think! Feedback, please!

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