Mob W.I.S.P. - Wild Intelligence Space Project (WIP Name)

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    Wisps are security systems, forged in the stars, made by the thousands. Each Wisp is armed with a plasma thrower, and as a shield, a plasma flame, surrounding the solid core. These automatons are invulnerable to fire damage, but take more damage from ice and frost attacks. Although the majority of them are corrupted from unstable plasma, stable Wisps are a non-hostile defense to the Novakids.​
    They do high damage, and have a low range attack. They are more vulnerable to cold attacks, but resistant to fire. They would be hard to kill in any volcanic world, but easy to kill in a cold world. ​
    Upon death they will drop a [Core]. With this you can craft a Plasma thrower. You can get an unstable or stable core from them upon death. Unstable does less damage, but has a longer burn effect, while stable has a higher base damage.​
    Their normal attack is a simple plasma bolt, a piercing attack which ignores any armor. ​
    The W.I.S.P.s that are unstable have a red plasma/fire around them, while stable wisp have a blue plasma around them:​
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I dont get it. Is it just another mob, or does it defend anything special or what?

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