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RELEASED W - Man64's Song Mod

Discussion in 'Musical Instruments' started by W - Man64, Oct 7, 2015.

  1. W - Man64

    W - Man64 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Please Note that this mod is the first mod I've made so if you encounter any bugs, make sure you notify me in the discussion

    W - Man64's Song mod
    This mod is a mod that I intend to keep adding more content to until it has a HUGE selection of songs to choose from.

    The current songs are

    Anime - (Pokemon) Theme
    Coldplay - Christmas Lights
    Coldplay - Clocks
    Coldplay - Everything's Not Lost
    Coldplay - Fix You
    Coldplay - God Put a Smile on Your Face
    Coldplay - Paradise
    Coldplay - Speed of Sound
    Coldplay - Talk
    Coldplay - The Scientist
    Coldplay - Trouble
    Coldplay - Viva La Vida
    Coldplay - What If
    Games - Angry Birds Theme
    Games - (Portal) Still Alive
    Games - (Terraria) Day
    Nintendo - (Pokemon) Jigglypuff's Song
    Nintendo - (Pokemon) Lavender Town
    Queen - Bohemian Rapsody
    Queen - I Want it All
    Queen - Play the Game
    Queen - We Are the Champions
    Queen - We Will Rock You
    REM - Losing My Religion
    REM - Shiny Happy People
    Themes- Ghostbusters Theme
    Themes - Gremlins Theme
    Themes - Harry Potter Theme
    Themes - Simpsons Theme
    The Village People - YMCA
    The Wizard of Oz - Over the Rainbow

    Installation: Just extract the zip to the Starbound mods folder (I don't where it would be on windows, I use Linux)

    NOTE: I can't update the mod as much as I would like to because of school, so don't excpect updates too frequently.

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