Boss W.O.R.M (Weaponized Optics and Recon Mechanoid)

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    Gather around, gather around good sirs and madame, And let me introduce to you the W.O.R.M MK1!

    Some medium/High Tier gear or materials, as for what exactly I am not sure.

    In what location does this Boss spawn?
    The WORM is only found in underground biomes on planets with industrial dungeons and the like. Its reliant on sticking to to walls and the ground to move.

    Spawn Rate/Spawning Conditions:
    What events or conditions cause this Boss to appear?
    The boss only appear if you as a player can locate it, its spawned as rolled up inactive version of itself and the players can power it up by destroying "inhibitors" that are on each side of it.
    The giant machine as a lot of health and Great amounts of armor, but takes a lot of extra damage if you hit the eye.
    It has a recharging energy bar that when it is full it will discharge a thick, powerful laser beam.

    Explain how the Boss moves; how does the Boss get around?
    It crawls and tunnels trough the terrain, causing havoc. Its fairly slow however and using any sort of speed bosting equipment/a jetpack gives you definite edge.

    How does the Boss deal damage to the player. This can easily be defined as eitherRanged”orMelee”
    The laser will deal a large amount of damage, to destroy a low tier character if its in contact for to long. The beam last about 1.5 seconds and slowly tracks the closest target. The attack is ranged and fairly telegraphed. You can dodge it easily enough unless you are stuck in a tunnel. It takes some time for it to recharge. But you have to careful for its tail, it will crawl around and try to whip you with its Tesla coil end, dealing modest amounts of damage. Getting hit with the tail disables your ranged weapons for a brief time and makes you move slower. Upon loosing half it's hp, it will start to move faster, and fling balls of electricity from it's tail. Getting hit by one of these has the same effect as it's tail.

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    Insta-kills have never been fun for me.

    The design is there but I feel like it needs a bit of refinement.
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  4. Hellis

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    True. Well it's supposed to be a sustained beam of damage, probably it would be worded better as "Capable of killing someone with a full blast"

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