Boss Wahalla the Spider King- A 6 Phase boss fight

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    Spider Boss would be called Wahalla the Spider King
    -While adventuring thought the cave you as the player will start to notice web and more web than normal and once in awhile you will start to notice small spiders that are 1 block large. This will make the game have a reason for web and a Spider Den. Once the player starts to get close to the spider den there will be some blocks that slow the player down and now there will be 4x4 spiders that are hostile. Once in the spider den there has a xx% chance to have the mini boss fight of the spider king or later some sort of summoning device for the spider like taking a spider egg and destroying it and listening to the screams of the dead spider.
    Phase 1
    Phase one would be the Spider King Is seen but is unable to be killed this would start to have the players questioning what to do and at this point the 4x4block spiders will roam around biting players and dealing damage over time which can stack and stack and stack until the player takes an antidote or some cure to poison. Once the spiders get a few stack on a player they will go the the boss in the middle of the room and start to let the main boss feed on them allowing them to be invincible when the main boss is feeding and makes the main boss stronger every time it feeds which would increase its power and its health.

    - The spiders would be able to move 3 times the speed of the player and the main boss will be shooting web at the areas of the cave where the spiders can move 6 times faster. The spiders will also be able to move on all surfaces because come on its a spider there's like no restrictions on where they can go.
    Once all the spiders are all killed the second phase would start.

    Phase 2
    The Main boss would start to "awaken" and jump from each surface of the cave making range very important but melee as well. Melee would take an important role because then the boss shoots it web clusters at the players if you hit the web it will be destroyed and range to hurt the boss then it is on the walls of the caves. With phase two there will be a catch and that will be the boss moving at the players at full force when he hits 75% health and the players will have to run and attack while it is still attempting its normal attacks.

    Phase 3
    Once the boss gets at 50% it will run away in the ground where it will summon new spiders like phase 1 to attack the player where the spiders will roam from the ceilings and grab players to be feed on but in this part the spiders will not have stacks but instead they would lay more spiders and attack from the roof of the cave where it will be hard to kill them. Once they are killed phase 4 would start
    Phase 4
    The Spider will be at 50% health and will start to move slower but will start to shoot great amounts of web to in case its self from taking damage. and the fight will be normal like in phase 2. Once the boss is at 10% health it will go into phase 5 where new things will happen.
    Phase 5
    Phase five the boss will be invincible and will not die this will make most players panic because the boss can hurt the player. Dont worry the boss will roam around and start destroying light sources because the spider is a cave spider and will not like the light due it now being weakened. The only way to kill the spider will to be to use a light source and the attack will be the flashlights beam. The boss will start to spit out a weak acid that does no damage but instead makes a de-buff where light will be weakened and the spider will not be hurt by the light from the player until it wears out. Once the spider dies Phase 6 will start yes I know phase 6 !!!!
    Phase 6
    Phase 6 will be the spider dies and small spiders come out and this will be the break of the fight where the players will tear there way with the spiders being one hit spiders and what ever loot would be used the game could drop.
    Thank you for your time

    Coming out with another boss but need more time to think of the concept
  2. Zeklo

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    Very nicely put, I am suprised I am the first to comment.
  3. Agaras

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    I really like the phase fights because of the fact it could create a challenge and the last phase would be a neat way to end a boss's existence. This would make a very neat boss due to the fact it would be the first of its kind and the 6 phases of the fight. I really hope the people on the forum agree and the developers see what you have to offer because this again would be great to see. Best of luck I hope you get this idea in the game and make more nice ideas.
    :badger: Meow
  4. Supermeh

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    when you said "in case" did you mean "encase"?
  5. werty11109

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    This sounds like a very well put together boss fight that would keep players on their toes through the whole fight. Good Job!
  6. Dantedevil

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    Yeah lol was in a hurry =D but "in case" or "encase" lol you'll get the point.
  7. Agaras

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    If they don't take your idea i hope they take your boss concept in mind
  8. Dantedevil

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    Tyvm... It would be a great idea because think about it, the boss would be the first of its kind and what spider boss out there is easy to kill =D

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