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    My idea is kinda simple, basically, we have an NPC that serves 3 functions. These being:
    1) Play music in towns to help with immersion
    2) Sell instruments
    3) Join the player's crew and follow them around playing music while the player works.

    My reasoning for the first one is simple, Starbound already has so many mechanics to help with immersion, why not another one? Though, just as a sort of safety net to make sure the NPC doesn't get annoying, the player would be able to ask the NPC to stop playing music and the player would be able to request the NPC to play a specific song.

    The second one is also simple, as instruments are kiiiiiiiiiiinda tedious to find, being able to buy them would make things a little more fun. Perhaps just to get that microphone to complete your dream band.

    And finally, after you complete a few random quests for them, the player should be able to recruit the NPC, who will then follow the player around and play music from a few selections the player made. The NPC, now crew member, wouldn't be able to fight but would have a high amount of health so you still could listen to your tunes while you battle.

    These musicians encountered in the wild would wear regular clothing but would always be carrying an instrument to differentiate them from other NPCS. The NPC would be unable to change instruments, even when in your crew. And that's pretty much it! Just a quick lil rushed idea of mine. Tell me what you think!
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    -Musician NPC in villages is a really good idea!

    -Adding a musician to the ship crew could be a good thing ! Especially if you make him follow you on a planet.
    They could provide just music, or some very little buffs! :headbanging:
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