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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by peace_farm, Dec 22, 2019.

  1. peace_farm

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    I apologize if this question is better suited for Support. I don't believe that a bug is taking place, but I do wonder if anyone else has made this mistake already.

    I had Robin move my chicken coop to the opposite side of the farm, and perhaps the chickens were outside when I did this because they are all free-roaming in the area around where the coop was.

    Has anyone had this happen? How do I return the chickens to the coop?
    • HappyMaw

      HappyMaw Void-Bound Voyager

      How difficult is it for them to find their way home? I've moved buildings lots of times and never had a problem with animals not getting back to their home coop/barn at bedtime unless there is an obstruction of some kind
      • Iris Blanche

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        Changed title to a more appropriate one.
        • Elenna101

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          They should try to find their way back at night-time, but if there are obstacles in the way, they may not be able to. (Even without moving buildings, sometimes an animal can wander too far away and end up falling asleep outside).

          If you ext the farm and re-enter it, they should all be teleported into their home. Note that the interior of the coop does not count as the farm, so one way to do this is to enter and exit the coop in question. When you enter it again, they should all be inside.
          • UnexpectedParole

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            Double check the door is not down?

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