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want to build on moons without fear of meteors

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by KRANOT, Jun 10, 2017.


    KRANOT Big Damn Hero

    so i want to do a nice build on a moon BUT asteroids would reck it. so how do i either turn off asteroids or atleast protect my build from it?

    i have seen some command to protect tiles but that requires an ID that i have no idea how to get.
  2. MysticMalevolence

    MysticMalevolence Oxygen Tank

    The ID can be obtained by the /debug command. Of course, it means you can't mine or place anything, you would need to actually finish the base without it getting bombarded first.
    It's possible to mod moons to simply not have meteors, but that wouldn't help on moons that are already generated, and I haven't checked if my personal mod for it still works.

    KRANOT Big Damn Hero

    isnt there just a command to turn off meteors permanently? or a buildable shielgenerator like in hylotl citys to use?
  4. MysticMalevolence

    MysticMalevolence Oxygen Tank

    There was also a mod to enable a shield generator, but again, not sure about the update status.
  5. TheWorstPersonEver

    TheWorstPersonEver Cosmic Narwhal

    build underground, or..

    (Underlined things are commands, do those.)

    First, do /admin. This should give you permission to use commands. (If it's multiplayer, you would probably need someone to give you permission to do that command.)

    Second, do /debug. This is important, because it will give you the dungeon ID, which every world has.

    Third, use /settileprotection. This is why the dungeon ID is important. You need this for the command to work.
    Example: If I wanted to make a world protected, and it's ID was 456764, I would put /settileprotection 456764 true

    If done right, this should protect the world/tiles.

  6. Nefer007

    Nefer007 Phantasmal Quasar

    Try a Terraformer. Change the global biome to something like, say, Forest, leave the moon, and then change it back to Lunar with mods. This should disable meteors. (as well as add air?)
  7. Brockster17

    Brockster17 Phantasmal Quasar

    If you get the less annoying weather mod, meteorites will not break blocks. Sand and snow will not get through walls and roofs when they are offscreen and will not block doors as well.
  8. Namtazar

    Namtazar Subatomic Cosmonaut

    You can use some brain blocks (obtain it on Ruin's world, but it takes a loong time to mine this brain matter) to protect your base from meteors. Looks like this blocks are so resilient - meteors cant destroy it at all
  9. Guest0241525

    Guest0241525 Guest

    /spawnitem humangenerator

    Wire it to a switch, then turn it off and on a few times to make sure it works right. It will protect all player-placed blocks while active.
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