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RELEASED Wardrobe v1.3.2

Interface to dress up your character with ease.

  1. Errors4l

    Errors4l Spaceman Spiff

    It is still being worked on from time to time. I just don't update this thread a lot because Steam (and GitHub) make up over roughly 99% of the mod users, and it takes too much time to keep track of a bunch of different sites.

    The game doesn't provide us with a way to index items. That's why the mod list shows up empty. You can install add-ons for mods you own to have the items show up. Please refer to the following page for more information: https://github.com/Silverfeelin/Starbound-Wardrobe/blob/master/README.md#add-ons

    For custom dyes, you can use the Wardrobe together with Green's Dye Suite. The mod is only available on Steam but if need be I could contact the author to release it outside of Steam. More information: https://github.com/Silverfeelin/Starbound-Wardrobe/wiki/Green's-Dye-Suite
  2. CPU119

    CPU119 Space Spelunker

    The button to open the wardrobe option is not there, is there any way to fix this?

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