Wargroove and Tiny Metal: Heirs of Advance Wars

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    When Wargroove was announced for the Nintendo Switch, I was happy to see that someone still cares about strategy games like Advance Wars, but Wargroove won't be the only one who will have the same elements of Advance Wars; another game, Tiny Metal, will also have the same style of Advance Wars.
    Let's have a closer look of the two games so we can see their differences.

    -Wargroove: the project of Chucklefish games, Wargroove is a game that assembles the strategy style of Advance Wars and the medieval-fantasy theme of Fire-Emblem; with 4 different factions, we can use from 12+ different commanders, not to mention a map editor where we can make our own maps and battles and a full online support.
    As bonus to our excitement, the young Floran hunter Nuru from Starbound will join the fight with her personal army but, as the word ''12+'' suggest, maybe we will see other races of Starbound join the fight of Wargroove like the Glitch (led by the Baron), the Avian and the Hylotl.

    -Tiny Metal: a daring project from a small group of experienced Japanese video game developers (including Japanese prodigy Tomoki Miyoshi, music composer of games like Soul Calibur V and I am Setsuna), Tiny Metal is a modern-day strategy game that take mostly of the elements of Advance Wars but with a complete 3D style and a full complete storyline and characters.
    With promised 13 units and a long single-player campaign, Tiny Metal will take you control of a Artemisian battalion led by Lt. Nathan Gries in a war with the Zipang shogunate with the help of the cold yet beautiful Wolfram, commander of the mercenaries White Fangs.
    Though their Kickstarter campaign did not went well, this group continued to work and making progress and they promise to release the game for PS4, Mac and Steam.
    Site: http://www.tinymetal.com/ or http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=766372329

    Feel free to leave a comment! :) ......I'm talking even to you, Chucklefish Games ;)
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    • Xacris

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      Oh, that looks pretty cool. Thanks for the heads up on Tiny Metal!
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      • metalreflectslime

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        I feel like 13 units is too few for an "Advance Wars successor" game. I was hoping for 30+ units (10 for land, 10 for sea, 10 for air).
        • GuardianJohnITA

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          Actually there are 14 units on Tiny Metal, though they promised 15 units so one is still missing. Also on the Launch trailer you can see that there are more Commanders around the game so Area35 might give some surprises for the final game. I admit that this Japanese group had some luck on their side to make it this far and able to release their game so don't be hard on them.
          It's true that 15 units are very few compared to other Advance Wars games but the team promised the option to upgrade our units and also Hero Units (which they truly came on the game) and there is still time before the official release of the game so surprise can happen, just like Wargroove (we still don't know much about all the units)
          • Hattori_Hanzo

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            Tiny Metal looks interesting, but I do prefer the top-down, 2.5 D, pixel art style of Wargroove (or Advance Wars, FF Tactics, Into The Breach) for this type of game. The 3D of Tiny Metal looks a little disorienting, not really big on having the camera flying around, but maybe I'll get used to it.

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