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Discussion in 'Games' started by Jonesy, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Lorekeeper of Wyverns

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    That's good to know, thanks! I managed to get an extra Skyforge Steel War Axe from him because I like to dual wield, but never thought he'd sell Wolf Armour. I thought that was just something that was exclusive to Skjor. I'll be sure to get some next time I log into that character.

    For heavy armour, my favourite is the Nordic Carved Armour. Really and truly, I love the weapons as well. It's pretty hilarious on an Argonian, too, seeing as the helmet covers their eyes. The Stahlrim Heavy Armour would be a close contender if it wasn't for that weird eye-piece, but it's still my second favourite bit of armour. My Argonian character's wearing it now, as a matter of fact. Legendary. Got an armour rating of over 1100. Truth be told, I like being able to see my character's face for some reason, so I don't like any of the covered helms.

    As for light armour, anything you get from the Dark Brotherhood, though that one's a given, seeing how much I like anything to do with them. For how useful it is, however, I'd say the Ancient Shrouded set. However, if I had to go anything that wasn't that, I really like how the Vampire Armour looks and the Thieves' Guild armour.

    I personally prefer full armour sets, although that's mostly due to the perks you get in both skill trees (with a bonus to light/heavy if you're wearing a matching set). If I haven't unlocked it, however, I'll sometimes mix, like using the Steel Horned Helm with the Steel Plate armour.
  2. Jonesy

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    I'm afraid that despite some promising beginnings, Wyre Bash has failed to fix the issue. For a while my saves were loading again, but would throw up external error messages if I tried to load a second one. Now they're not loading at all without fatal errors.

    Guess it's time to go back to Skyrim...
  3. Sparklink

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    So I have recently started a new save for Skyrim. My first save became rather boring because I was level 66 and had discovered every location. A few months later I decide that I am going to do it again, but better than before. Now I am effectively using a little bit of everything magic, stealth, and warrior arts. I utilize magic to compensate for the warrior arts' less subtle capabilities. It feels good to walk up right behind an enemy in my heavy armor using a muffle spell and then pick their pockets.

    I also learned something really hilarious during this play-through. Those Forsworn Briar-Hearts, if you sneak up on them and pick their pockets you can take their Briar heart and instantly kill them!
  4. Jonesy

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    Imma just leave this here.


    Also, I think returning to Skyrim after Morrowind glitching out on me has done me some good. Since returning, I've played as a Khajiit bard (based on calming enemies and then backstabbing them, as well as using the Become a Bard mod to play in inns), Argonian witchhunter (where I open combat with a bow, then buff myself with magic, then switch to sword-and-ward melee). and Orc knight (straight melee, with a little bit of magic for non-combat purposes and occasional archery for distant opponents). Even stumbled across some content I've either never seen before or completely forgotten.

    Tried out the Live Another Life mod, and started off my knight character as a new member of the Companions. Should add a lot more variety to any future characters. I also found a mod that gives you a perk point for completing the otherwise underpaying bounty missions, but sadly that one didn't work.
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  5. Roskii Heiral

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    I enjoy starting as a Vigilant of Stendarr
  6. Sparklink

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    Are not most, if not all, butterflies poisonous, their wings have these toxic scales. (I just find it a little funny that you eat them and put them in potions.)

    Restoration magic is very useful for the knight, but have you also tried the illusion spells? Like I mentioned earlier, getting a preemptive strike is great. Conjuration is can also be a life saver if you really get into it. When those mages summon those annoying Storm Antronachs I like to summon a Dremora Lord to combat it, fight fire with fire.
  7. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    IRL, probably. In the game, though, orange butterfly wings actually restore health as one of their effects.

    Yes, I've been using illusion quite a bit, but mostly for buffing allies before a fight. I've kind of neglected the perk tree for it, especially since I'm currently trying to fill out the enchanting tree. But I do make much more use of restoration magic for healing, a bit of alteration for mage armor (not that it makes much difference wearing ebony armor) and occasionally conjuration to summon an extra ally.
  8. Jonesy

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    Also, Beth seems to have a sense of humour.

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  9. Lorekeeper of Wyverns

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    Definitely hyped for that! Though I'm surprised I missed hearing about it. I've been hearing quite a lot about Fallout 76's reveal trailer, but this is the first I've seen about ES6.

    I'd say they do. Pretty good sense of humour, too. That was great!
  10. Jonesy

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    The trailer only dropped today, whereas they announced Fallout 76 like a week ago. Certainly doesn't help that we've got practically nothing to go on, aside from a "Yeah, we're definitely working on it!"

    Although, judging by the landscape, the game's probably set in Hammerfell. Elsweyr would have been my first choice, but Hammerfell makes sense considering it's currently neutral in the Empire-Dominion tensions. Should still be a nice change of pace to have a predominately desert province after snowy Skyrim.
  11. Lorekeeper of Wyverns

    Lorekeeper of Wyverns Void-Bound Voyager

    Oh, right! I was thinking it was dropped yesterday or whenever the presentation was. Not really sure when it was. And I think I actually forgot that the first even existed. I meant the second one released, sorry.

    Agreed, should be interesting to go through after Skyrim. Outside of Arena, would we have ever seen a desert-based region before?
  12. Sparklink

    Sparklink Ketchup Robot

    I am very excited. I hope my model refrigerator will be compatible with the very special edition!

    All kidding aside, I wonder where that location is? This is just a wild guess simply because of the little piece of music; but I have got the feeling that this game may pick-up right after the events of Skyrim, or even during the events of Skyrim. In a neutral location like Hammerfell it may be interesting to see how the province is being pressured by Ulfric and the Empire to join either's side. But a game that takes place in Cyrodiil during the events in Skyrim could be even more interesting plot-wise.

    Personally if this does happen after the events in Skyrim I hope that it is in a Stormcloaks win out-come. I think that having two strong sides vying for Hammerfell's allegiance would make for a more interesting plot. Although a Stormcloaks lose out-come could be equally intersting. The remaining commanders who are loyal to Ulfric flee into Hammerfell. You are presented with the choice of helping them regain their strength to take back Skyrim, or hunt them down in the name of the empire.
  13. Jonesy

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    Daggerfall took place in the Iliac Bay region, which includes northern Hammerfell. Elder Scrolls Online also has some desert environments as well. Neither of those are quite the same thing as a full, modern Elder Scrolls game, though.

    I'm kinda hoping for a third option with the civil war. Like, the peace treaty the Dragonborn can get the two sides to sign becomes the basis for a more permanent one, allowing Skyrim to become an autonomous region allied to the Empire. The whole plotline's been really divisive in the community, and doesn't provide satisfactory conclusions either way. I personally lean towards the Empire, since I believe they stand a better chance in the inevitable second war with the Dominion, but siding with them makes continued worship of Talos much more dangerous. And worshiping Talos might be more important than meets the eye, if some of the extended lore is to be believed, since not doing so would basically cause a pillar of reality to collapse. Something tells me Bethesda wouldn't let that happen, though.
  14. Sparklink

    Sparklink Ketchup Robot

    Perhaps I simply do not have the whole picture, but the Aldmeri Dominion does not seem like they would accept that. I was under the impression that they really only cared about two things; 1. Complete and total control 2. To make sure that all human races know they are inferior to elves.

    Basically the one thing the Nords and the Dominion can not agree on is their religion. The Nords want to worship Talos as the ninth divine, but the Altmer resent the idea of a human being a divine. Tolerating Talos would basically go against the two things that I listed; allowing worship after outlawing it would make their control seem weak, and having a human as a divine would go against the Elves are greater than human mentality that they wish to spread.

    I could be mistaken about the Altmeri Dominion and their intentions though. But most everything I have seen (and I am pretty thorough) makes them look somewhat unreasonable.
  15. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    They wouldn't accept it, but if the move allows the Empire to regain some strength (namely by keeping Skyrim and its military strength aligned with them) then the Dominion may not be able to immediately act on it. It's not clear what state they're in outside of Skyrim, but part of the reason the White Gold Concordat was signed was because both sides in the Great War had taken extremely heavy losses and a military victory on either side would have been even more costly. It's likely the Dominion is regaining their strength as much as the Empire is, and may be occupied elsewhere (we know there have been pogroms in Valenwood and the Summerset Isles, and it's entirely possible the Renrija Krin or a similar rebel group is still active in Elsweyr). It's one thing to send inquisitors into a region under legal protection, and another to launch full military action against a nation in the middle of an opposing power.

    Also bear in mind that the Empire was able to turn a blind eye to Talos worship after they signed the White Gold Concordat. Then the Stormcloaks came along and started making noise about not being able to worship openly, and the Thalmor began cracking down on it harder. So, there's clearly high-level resistance going on within the Empire.

    Edit: Looks like someone's stumbled upon a leaked promotional website, complete with a second trailer.

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  16. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Supernova

    Oooh, interesting thread!

    1- My first Elder Scrolls game was Skyrim, I randomly ran into a store opening early back in 2011 with the black box and its now-familiar silvery dragon emblem. I thoroughly enjoyed playing the game on console, then got it for PC to see what the big fuzz was about.

    2- Tough question... as much as I love Skyrim, with its oddities and whatnot, I think I like ESO -about- the same. ESO is not a good game in any right, if anything, I feel it ticks the marks of what a game should have, but delivers minimally. It is enjoyable for many reasons, but sadly not reasons that would make the game better.

    3- Skyrim was a blast to get through, both it and ESO. My thoughts linger on the fact that, after playing them for so long, getting to know the intricacies and implications of it's world. I think it remains shy of it, it rarely delves further to what it seeks to portray. I feel ESO has handled this better, although not entirely in satisfactory manners.

    4- I would love to see an ES game taking place in Khajiit/Argonian lands, it is such a dark, rarely explored territory. All the legends and stories you get to hear briefly in skyrim and ESO. The Mane, the temples and giant dunes covering cities, it would be an experience to see! plus, a continuation to the whole mess after skyrim. There was not enough civil war if you ask me.
  17. I_am_the_Storm

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    1: My first Elder Scrolls game was The Elder Scrolls : Arena, back on beginning of 2000. I didn't understand, what the game wants from me, nor had any idead, what story it has. But ten years later, when I've decided to play it again (from nostalgic reasons), I'm still surprised by its complexity. Its not a best game in the series, but its definitely the one, that caused my love for it.

    2: I'd say that The Elder Scrolls : Oblivion with its DLC is my favourite one. It has almost everything I like in such kind of games; story, open world, awesome quests, incredible graphics, combat system, magic and freedom, besides other small things. I even like the leveling system, because it feel more RPG that way. (again, in my opinion)

    3: The first game, Arena, is quite incredible for its world. Yes, I know that practically you'll never find something except for few caves, dungeons, lakes or villages, and all of it is on perfect flat surface, but technically you can explore WHOLE world of Tamriel... on foot. The ability to travel from High Rock to Blackmarsh on foot is awesome, yet quite boring and time consuming.
    The second game, Daggerfall, is better in its gameplay and graphics processing, but plenty of bugs and issues are ruining it, which is shame. Without them, it would be my favourite one.
    The third game, Morrowind and its DLCs provides more gameplay and fun than the rest. The combat is litlle bit indecisive, but the scenery (for its age), gameplay options, quests and overall fun factor is more than good.
    The fifth game, Skyrim and its DLCs, is very good, the world is large, many places to visit, many quests to solve, a lot of dragons to fight, hidden easter eggs, and options you can choose are plenty, enabling multiple re-plays with different playstyles. However, it feels empty at the same time. Don't get me wrong, I love Skyrim, but I think the graphics are at the cost of gameplay. I would be satisfied with worse graphics in exchange with better gameplay, such as larger variety of quests than just 'go-kill/take/talk/-return' style, more equipment (lore friendly of course), or more and legible choices, to name just a few. Sure, some mods can change/add to that, but there are people who likes to play vanilla version of the game.
    I didn't played The Elder Scrolls Adventures : Redguard so I can't say much to it. Same with The Elder Scrolls Online; I live in a cave without proper internet.

    4: The next installment should be a mix of all released games. I don't say it should be a 'Perfect game capable to satisfy ALL types of gamers' and installing would consume 100+ Gigabytes. No. I say that they should take a bigger aproach to fun factor than graphics. The series is about Role-Playing; that means that players want to play in they own style. Some wants to decimate armies of [insert your biggest enemy], some like to build and manage their house while having a wife/husband, some wants to be a bard or mercenaries. or some players like me wants to steal from NPCs houses everything that isn't nailed down, magically sealed and held in the safe under constant watch of Daedra Warlords. In short, The Elder Scrolls 6 should take the best aspects from previous games; the story, freedom of choice, replayability, rich lore, and living world.
    In any case, I would check on the next game, when it comes out... if it doesn't ruin my wallet.

    Also, I apologize for lengthy post.

    EDIT : Just a thought... would it be possible to mix Skyrim with The Sims 4? I've talked about it with my friend, and his conlusion is : "Technically... yes. Practically... no, due to MASSIVE amount of work and not even talking about required hardware."
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  18. Roskii Heiral

    Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

    I'm not even sure what a mix would look like. Maybe sims 4 in a skyrim setting? You could probably mod something like that (i'm not as familiar w/ sims 4, i stopped at 3)

    There are many sim-ish games that allow violence and have different settings. I'd like to hear your concept though.
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  19. I_am_the_Storm

    I_am_the_Storm Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Well... I think that this mix would be a standalone game, since Skyrim engine itself is flexible, yet somehow limited, at least based on things I've seen and read so far. I've never used The Construction Tool. I know one can make a great modifications in it, but not something on this scale, I believe. Same counts for The Sims engine. Thus standalone game. Question is, on what engine it should run...

    In order to avoid another wall of text, I've placed the concept idea in spoiler. Just in case...

    The concept itself would be something like this : regularly looking Skyrim in terms of style and architecture, with smaller -but not removed- focus on combat, and more focus on characters, relationships and overall common life with its flaws. In terms of perspective, I think that anything could do the trick, be it in style of RPG Maker game, Baldur's Gate, or regular 1st/3rd person view.
    The player would be able to normally create and customize their character, altogether with option to create/select family, but instead of escaping Helgen, the player will be placed in very poor and basic house in city of his own choice. Then, the player -and potentional family members- will need to work in order to earn money, and be able to afford better house. Alternatively the player can visit certain places to build house of their dreams, if player has enough materials and money, just like in DLC. The 'house building process' doesn't need to be as complex as in The Sims series. A simple 'select room/furniture piece and place it' in free-roam camera, would suffice.

    Regarding the relationship system... again, a simple one should do the job; a status bar with 'HATED - DISLIKED - NEUTRAL - LIKED - FRIEND' indicators. The personality traits, flaws and such things would be too complicated to make, but of course, it depends on engine and skills of developer. However, some Skyrim logic-like aspects should be implemented, such as Orc characters will like player more, if player will challenge them to fight, or Khajiit characters will have major boost in opinion on character if player will bring them Moon Sugar or Skooma.

    The needs system could be reduced to basic needs ; hunger, thirst, sleep, sociality, and happiness, in which other needs like entertainment or hygiene would be included. The more lower the need will become, the more upset character will be and will change their behavior accordingly. A child with low happiness will cause ruckus more often, or character with low sociality will try to approach player or other characters to small talk and hugs.

    The work system could be 'manually operated'. That means if player will choose to work as lumberjack in example, then he/she would like to go to forest, chop down some trees and make logs from them. Or if player will choose to work as cook, he/she will need to go to workplace's kitchen, and then make some food by adding ingredients and applying certain actions. All jobs can have different 'work sequence', and there could be a possibility for random events. In first example, player can be attacked by wolfs, have to deal with parasite that damages trees, or Spriggans will try to stop player from chopping down the trees, as Spriggans don't like that nature is being hurt. The cook example could be similar ; one guest can complain about the food player had made, a Grand Chef from Imperial Province will come to rate the foods and player will have to prepare the food that pleases the Grand Chef, or some unknown vermin is ruining the food stocks.
    In other words, make the work enjoyable and not 'just another thing to do'.

    The combat would be the unchanged. Players could have the option to explore caves, tombs, Dwemer ruins and whatnot, hunt dragons or undead, defend their homes from bandit's attacks... pretty much the same deal as it is in base Skyrim. However, player shouldn't be 'forced' to fight. If player wants to be a peaceful and good Blacksmith, who care about his friends family and never raised a sword/axe/hammer in defense even in case of Dragon's attack, so be it. If player want to be a selfish, bloodthirsty cook, who stalks the streets at night, murdering strangers, there should be an option as well.

    The story could be something like this : Player -and potentional family- want to start a new life. And so it was decided to leave family house and move to Skyrim (or anywhere else). After arrival, the player will notice that life is more harsh than back home, yet there is no way to head back due arised troubles with Dragons returning to all Tamriel.

    And finally... The Perks also could be used for various things, yet they would be slightly modified to fit the game. The name a few examples (very simplified) ; The Wit Tree would affect jobs such as Thief, Cook or Hunter, allow to trick people, increase the bonus for entertaining people, or grant more interaction choices. The Power Tree can influence jobs such as Adventurer, Blacksmith or Lumberjack, grant bonus to mining and smithing, intimidate people, or allow for faster and more efficient house building and farming, and so on...

    I'd like to note, that concept ideas mentioned above are very rough. I wish I could better describe the image in my head. But I hope that they may provide you a brief visualization of what I mean by a mix between Skyrim and The Sims 4.
    I may preliminarly say, that making such game is almost impossible. Well... it is certainly impossible for lone developer nor small team, and maybe even for large teams. In addition to that, I doubt that Bethesda would allow someone to make a game which takes places in Skyrim or Tamriel as a whole. Perhaps a fan game would be the availale option ; a game that serves as tribute to Skyrim and other games. I'm not sure.
    Even though is very unlikely, that game similar to this one will see the surface of Earth, I'll say this : I can only dream...

    Roskii Heiral, are you familiar with those 'sim-ish- games? Can you provide some example? Thank you in advance.
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  20. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    There is a mod that adds sleep and the frostfall mod adds hunger and temperature and even wetness from water that makes you drip with water when ever you get wet and makes you cold so you have to warm up to dry out and you can make a fire or find a fire.
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