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Discussion in 'Games' started by Jonesy, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. Roskii Heiral

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    Rimworld jumps to mind, though being a pacifist would be very difficult, since there are raiders and things which will try to kill you and your family/colony. It really scratches my sims itch, but has a great combat system and doesn't shy away from more mature themes.

    I'm curious in your new game concept, how would you control your character? top down like a sims game or 1st/3rd person like skyrim?
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  2. I_am_the_Storm

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    Rimworld? I've seen it. That's the one that looks like a Prison Architect. Yeah, I suppose it could be worth of try, though if I will decide to buy it, I'll need to look somewhere else than Steam, since I'm not a fan of it.

    I think I would like a hybrid. 1st/3rd person view for regular things like exploring, combat and interactions, and top-down/free-roam camera for building, planning and management.
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  3. Roskii Heiral

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    Fallout 4, has a build mode in addition to action/adventure.

    The problem with the hybrid idea is that you really need dynamic characters that can make their own story (other than your main). Games like the Elder scrolls tend to have more static characters that exist to take place in an over-arching story. This clashes massively with games like the sims and rimworld, where the world changes and grows organically from your character's actions.

    I would love to see a series like elder scrolls or fallout have an offshot game with more simplistic graphics that allows you to exist within the world, make friendships, have a family, etc and still be able to adventure.

    You might also want to try Stardew Valley (from this forum), it actually does have a more indepth friendship/romantic system, adventuring, and a few other things you've mentioned wanting in your hybrid.
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  4. I_am_the_Storm

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    The only game I've played from Fallout series was the first one and Fallout : Brotherhood of Steel. I might look at Fallout 4 more in depth though, as I like building stuff.

    Yes, I agree. The Elder Scrolls franchise is mainly oriented for main character's development and immersion, and I think that other characters are just for 'decoration'. The player can interact with them and doing quests for them, but there is no outcome to this, except for money, item or slight change in dialog lines, which, on second hand, isn't too much different. The NPCs cannot interact with each other -except already predefined dialogue lines- and thus making the world quite 'unliving'. From what I remember, there is no way one NPC can befriend the other one without player's interference. In other words, it is just an ilusion of living world.

    I can imagine such game. My friend would say that it would be something like Skyrim-based open-world Tamagotchi...
    Nevertheless, I believe that integrating The Sims artificial inteligence and dynamic behavior/world would be very hard to do. All aspects (needs, current mood, relationship, personality...) are needed to determine the behavior of character and possible outcome, and that would result in hundreds of different results. There would be a lot of -if character X will do Y, then do Z- type of thing, and that is just for ONE single character. I'm not even speaking about global events that will affect whole world, including characters and other events, in some way.
    However, maybe it is possible for game like this to come out one day in future. There are games that shifted to different genre. Fallout series (Action/RPG) to Fallout : Shelter (2D Strategy), Doom series (First Person Shooter) to Doom : Roguelike (Roguelike Action), or Command and Conquer series (Top-down/3D strategy) to Command and Conquer : Renegade (First Person Shooter). I'd say that there is hope...

    Yes, I've seen it, but I didn't played it. It is too colourful and happy, in my opinion... or maybe I'm just too picky.
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  5. Jonesy

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    I'd be down for a Fallout 4-esque settlement building system in Elder Scrolls VI. Perhaps less of a core focus of the game, and more of an optional resource sink like Hearthfire. I'd totally build a Little Elsweyr all-Khajiit settlement.

    On a related note, someone appears to have actually located the place seen in the teaser trailer. If they're correct, the game's at least partially set in Hammerfell.

  6. General Nuclear

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    Yeah i agree i would have loved to see a similar system where we can choose where to place everything and if we could lock items down then i could have made my own skull throne or gone full game of throne with all of the iron daggers i made to level up blacksmithing

    The settlement system in 4 should have been optional from the start on.
    Technically speaking we never got the promised settlement system we where promised in fallout 4, What we got was some half baked building management which was forced down our throat through the main missions which again was missing over half of the content that we where promised.

    Anyway this is the elder scroll thread so i wont talk more about fallout 4 here for now.

    One thing i wish they would add in games again was the bragging and boasting system they had in some games where you could make any mission way more unnecessarily difficult then they actually would have been to increase the reward and exp earned from those missions, then you take with you a group or spectators which you again have to protect which are cheering at you in the back of the fight and pissing up the mobs way more because of that. that would have been fun to see in Elder scrolls.
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  7. I_am_the_Storm

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    Regarding to equipment mechanic... I would like to see more equipment pieces than just for head, torso, hands and feet. Something like was in Morrowind. If I recall corretly, there was head, shoulders, torso, greaves, and foot. Perhaps there should be available some clothing under metal-based armors, too. It's weird to have iron armor on plain body. But of course, such feature is debatable in this series.

    Also, the story in every game is about 'saving the world'. I don't have anything against that kind of story, as it quite fits, but at the same time, it is cliché these days (take example from Planescape : Torment. Best story ever written).
    Same counts for character creation. In every single game -except first game-, player begun the games as a hero, who was imprisoned for unknown reason. Why not return to the 'roots' and choose between two options, like Arena did; create the character with its class, abilities and other things with no custom backstory, or answers few questions to generate the character with some backstory to addition to tweaking the character's class and abilities.
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  8. General Nuclear

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    More equipment = more items = more time to collect = more content = more game play = profit.

    So i am always for more equipment because it gives us more to do but if the equipment is not better then our previous equipment then it dosen't really matter

    Honestly never cared much for intros, Its the end story that matter the most of all because that's what we will remember the most.
    unless we make hundreds of different characters then the intro is pretty important.

    Also i am also very for making our own class and race again.


    Are you sure you want to be a smooth criminal scum?

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  9. Roskii Heiral

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    Yeah, there were also glove slots in morrowind. I spent so much time piecing together my look xD
  10. I_am_the_Storm

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    Literally a while ago, I've just realized one thing... I've actually never finished Skyrim because I tend to create new character, over and over. with various builds, behavior, and homes. Right now, I have four different characters; Azakor, 53 level Imperial Paladin, Arrowdriel, 36 level Wood Elf Hunter, Garrikan, 44 level Khajiit Thief/Assassin. and freshly made Mitrin, 7 level Breton Conjurer... 'sigh'
    Well, nevermind, I'm going to start over again as Argonian Poisionmaster, despite the fact it's currently four after midnight...
  11. Jonesy

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    I started having that recently. After installing a class mod, I've made an Altmer mage who fled Thalmor persecution to a wizard's lair in Morthal (shared by his wife Brelyna), an Imperial Vigilant of Stendarr turned Dawnguard vampire hunter who overcame her prejudices to marry Moth gro-Bagol, a Khajiiti bard who embarks on epic adventures before returning to his loving wife Ysolda, an Argonian witchhunter who joined the Legion to free his eggbrothers and sisters from Stormcloak oppression (marrying Scouts-Many-Marshes in the process), and an Orcish knight following in his adoptive Breton father's footsteps by maintaining the highest levels of chivalry (marrying a like-minded Mjoll the Lioness). I've been jumping back and forth between them on a whim (currently focusing on the bard), but it's completely reinvented the game for me.
  12. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    When you read the Scroll of Icarian Flight out loud.


    Fun fact if you avoid that area where he spawn until til you get another spell (which i don't remember which one it was again) then you can actually save him.
  13. Luna Celestica

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    Anything that lets you cast slowfall or fortify acrobatics on others, people normally use a custom made spell for it. There's not really a point doing it besides to say you have though, they didn't give him any special dialog or include him in any factions so he just dispenses generic NPC dialog.
  14. General Nuclear

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    hmm i didn't know about these.

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