Boss We need two crazy glitch wizard rivals

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Would you want some crazy glitch wizards as part of a new quest chain

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  3. yes but later on i would rather have the devs focusing on a more inporatant matter first

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  1. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    i am actually very disappointed that there isn't any cool glitch wizards in starbound all we have are those boring merchants and that one for the glitch s.a.i.l that was removed which i though was very boring anyway,
    i mean a fake beard! every one knows that every self respecting bearded robot wizard have a buildt in beard that or his jaw is shaped as a beard.

    Anyway two crazy glitch rival wizards who are constantly dickering and fighting each other by sending all kinds of mechanical monsters and beasts after each other useing all kinds of science spells and curses would have been awesome.

    And it might actually fill in on a little glitch lore too like for instants how asra got her hands on a skeleton glitch dragon in the first place and what connection the glitchs have had with the ruin and construction of the gate ways and on their original homeworld maybe one of the wizards is the main leader of the black knight glitchs etc.

    The bosses are the mechanical monsters spawned by the two wizards, even one of the big monsters spawned by the wizard we would be working for as a result in a misunderstanding.
    also mecha monsters like basically any mythological monster turned into a robot like

    • glitch griffin, (from the glitch we are working for that we need to fight)
    • giant glitch ogre (maybe just use the old glitch boss's head on that one),
    • glitch minotaur or robot demon,
    • adult glitch poptop version,
    • ''live'' version of the bone glitch dragon for the final boss with one of the wizards riding it,
    • or just what ever you guys can come up with.
    • ALSO i don't mean that we are fighting all the bosses at one but reather one for each misson with them.
    Also the wizards personality have a lot to say in the missions, they can't be just be like the boring hive minded glitchs that would ruin their charm completely. i would have liked it if they both would be overwhelming confident and clumsy at the same time but neither are any better then the other. but thats up to you guys if you choose to add them.


    oh and one last thing we have always wanted our own glitch horse to ride on maybe that could have been the reward from one of the missions.

    anyway thanks for reading my suggestion and have some inspiring medieval rock.

    glitch wizard.png

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