Weapon and Armor Upgrades

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Rannuncullus, Feb 19, 2016.

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    Hello Starbounders... i have some ideas for the Armors and Weapons...

    Recently, the game has improvedthe Weapons with some uniques techs and mechanics, but i was thinking we can go further, and activate some of "Upgrade System" in the game. my idea consists in implement some Weapons and armor with some random numbers of Blank Spaces for the players can add some techniques or another add-ons to make some strong and uniques Weapons or Armor, Thinking in this way:

    We will need of a new Crafting Station the Chip Factory:

    1. The Chip Factory:
    • Is a crafting station able to produce some Techniques Drives;
    • The Techniques Drives can be instaled on the weapon and armors, giving to them some new abilitys;
    • They will use some common or rares itens to be build;
    • The Techniques Drives and the Weapon/Armor must be compatible to use (A spear technique cannot be added to a sword);
    • After the use of the drive they cannot be removed of the Weapon/Armor;
    • The Armor Drives will give some specific effects: Energy Boost, Life Boost, Hunger Boost or some Status Bonus (through a conditional event, for example, after being hit, the player will gain the Bouncy stat for 30 seconds) or Status Defenses (Like Fire Protection);
    • Add some "Crystals" itens for building the Techniques Drives, they rarity is similar to the diamond, it will be used for crafting. We can use some of that gems: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz, Garnet and others.
    • Some of Basic and Rare Techniques Drives can be buyed of traveler merchants;

    Hope you like ir, Sorry for my english and if this idea already exists, i've seached and don't see it - :kitten:
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  2. Rone Farrowdwelf

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    What types of abilities do you think would there be?
  3. Rannuncullus

    Rannuncullus Void-Bound Voyager

    I Was thinking in some Non-elemental abilites in the weapons, like some Mutli-Slash and a Forward Slash, the elemental techs, is the same that already used in the game, For Armors some Buff and boosts that is expansive, they start small, and within the progress of the game you can made more powerfull boosts and buffs, i'm writing a list, when i finished i'll post here!

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