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Bug/Issue Weapon bug??

Discussion in 'Nightly Builds Support' started by |Pinecone|, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. |Pinecone|

    |Pinecone| Big Damn Hero

    I was playing the unstable version of Starbound (1.2.2), everything was fine until I tried to sell some weapons at the Ursa Miner shop. I clicked on one of my weapons to try and put it in the merchants sell slot, and my game crashed when i left clicked it. I thought it was just a small bug or something, so I logged off, and tried it again the next day and the same thing happened, only this time I was on my ship and I had tried moving the weapon to the trash bin. As soon as I clicked on it, it crashed again. I managed to capture the weapon and the crash report and save them.

    Crash Log:

    Bugged Weapon:


    Game Crashing:

  2. GwendelynHill

    GwendelynHill Space Hobo

    I am also having this issue, although I am playing the stable version. I don't think location or the weapon type matters because it's happened to me twice with a sniper and now with a hammer. Both times on my ship, just trying to put them into storage. Please fix, Chucklefish.
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