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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MouseyPounds, Feb 23, 2018.

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    hi. first off: thanks for writing this awesome piece of software - it makes stardew valley even more fun for me!

    i think there is a bug in the mine chests prediction. i was looking forward to an otherwise unobtainable Elf Blade but only got a Steel Smallsword. Id 300186006.

    also, i think the most useful further addition would be a prediction of remixed bundles, if that is possible (seems like something that would be based on the random seed alone, right?).
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      Hi, I just created an account so I could comment here. First off I wanted to thank you (MouseyPounds) for creating such a wonderful software app. It has proven to be a magnificent time saver/planner for me. Secondly, I was simply curious is if it would be possible to tweak the app to allow for checking of just a base seed without having to take the time create a new save and with either a random seed or a specified seed; then uploading that save file. This idea has impart to do with you mentioning earlier in the forums (2018) of brute force checking seeds for specific resource generation. I realize brute force searching on the scale you did is something that most likely something way to extreme for a web app, requiring way to much processing power that a browser app couldn't provide, but could be possible one at a time or even a few at a time for those like me who neither has the time or the knowledge of the calculations to create a script checker. Regardless of wether its possible or not thank you for all the time and effort you have put forth into this app its still being helpful years later!
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        Hi. I am not sure if anyone else is facing this problem but I am having several wrong search results for items in Golden Coconut. When I search for any item the number of golden coconut shown in the result does not have the item which I searched for. Kindly check attached screenshots for better explanation.

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