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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MouseyPounds, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. Tyndel

    Tyndel Void-Bound Voyager

    I think the bug I mentioned above returned with new 1.4.2 saves.
    • MouseyPounds

      MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

      Thanks. Is it only on day one saves again? Version parsing is going to be the death of me... :p
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      • Tyndel

        Tyndel Void-Bound Voyager

        Hm, it seems day 2 is not recognized as well. I'll check more.

        edit: I attached two 1.4.2 saves, one recognized on day 3 and one still not recognized on day 5.

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        • MouseyPounds

          MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

          Thanks for the saves. Update going up with a new fix that hopefully lasts a little longer this time :D
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          • Tyndel

            Tyndel Void-Bound Voyager

            Great, works on my end now. :)
            • Tyndel

              Tyndel Void-Bound Voyager

              Apologies for the double-post. I just wanted to report that the search function for Krobus doesn't work on any of my saves. Other searches work fine.
              • MouseyPounds

                MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

                Thanks for the report; I've pushed a fix for that.
                • gobbldygook

                  gobbldygook Void-Bound Voyager

                  Not a bug report or something you can change, just an interesting observation: I'm playing Stardew on a homebrewed switch, made a save backup, and transferred it to my PC to see what your predictor would say about it. The predictor did parse it correctly and showed me info that looked normal compared to my other PC saves - but since then, I've checked several things in-game against the predictions and discovered they're not the same (notably, the predictor saying I should get Evelyn for Winter Star and my actually ending up with Clint). This makes me wonder if the randomization algorithm was changed in the process of porting the game to Switch! My next test would be to load the backed-up Switch save in the PC version and play/sleep through until Winter Star to see if the predictor is correct in that case.
                  • Elenna101

                    Elenna101 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                    Er, the predictor just told me that my white egg from the cart will cost NaNg... what does that mean?

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                    • margotbean

                      margotbean Phantasmal Quasar

                      NaN means "Not a Number". It means Mousey made a boo-boo in the code. Hopefully, Mousey is well and healthy and can push a fix soon! XO <3 <3
                      • Xorelock

                        Xorelock Void-Bound Voyager

                        Any thoughts on adding support for predicting "Help Wanted" daily quests?
                        • Bla_De

                          Bla_De Yeah, You!

                          Do you accept help for developing this? I have been doing a lot of digging into rng elements of the game for the purposes of seeded speedruns. For my marriage run i did a lot of work around the billboard (help wanted), so have a bit of knowledge around that.

                          I have also put together a map predictor app, which complements the information on this site.

                          I have noticed that trash items are not always consistent due to the 20 can check. Is it possible to add an option to the page to toggle whether you have checked 20 or not (defaulted based on the file read)?
                          • mythicalmax

                            mythicalmax Seal Broken

                            It looks like the geode predictor is off now, at least for saves that were started pre-1.5 and have now been updated to 1.5. I used a few regular geodes and others beginning at the number selected (112) and got completely different results - this wasn't unexpected though! I guessed it would be off, just wanted to be absolutely sure. What I got instead, at least the first few, were Jamborite, Jagoite, Calcite, and then others I forget. This was all from regular geodes. Hoping this gets back to regular soon because it helped me get two prismatic shards VERY early in my current save. [​IMG]
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                            • NecroDJ

                              NecroDJ Seal Broken

                              I made a new save file in the 1.5 update and everything is just completely off about the predictions on geodes, I tried around 20 geodes but only the first one matched, not a single thing matched.

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                              • psozak408

                                psozak408 Void-Bound Voyager

                                With a fresh save file from 1.5 and using the randomized dungeon chests the results come up as undefined for me.

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                                • Tyndel

                                  Tyndel Void-Bound Voyager

                                  I looked at the source code and I think the discrepancy with the geodes is that an additional NextDouble() call is made before the Golden Coconut bit to check for some Qi bean quest state.
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                                  • moredrowsy

                                    moredrowsy Space Hobo

                                    Can you please add volcano chest's item predictor?
                                    • Danielgd

                                      Danielgd Space Hobo

                                      the geode predictor still doesn't work
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                                      • MouseyPounds

                                        MouseyPounds Cosmic Narwhal

                                        Thank you (and @NecroDJ and @Danielgd ) for reporting this and @Tyndel for a pointer on the problem. An update has been pushed which should fix the geode predictions.

                                        Can you send me a copy of the save?
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                                        • theusualuser

                                          theusualuser Space Hobo

                                          So, admittedly this is my first time using the predictor, but I started a new 1.5 farm and ticked the box that says guarantee completeable in one year. When I upload that save file to the predictor, it says I can't get a red cabbage until winter of year 2 from the merchant. I should still be okay, because I ticked the box in the game saying it should be possible, right?

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