Race Well, What's Missing?

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    Mostly this. The amount of work to derive even one alien culture from surrounding conditions to alien anatomy to social interactions to tools and technology would take several years and would make a better book than a video game. Authenticity is not THAT important.

    You could roll with a conceptual approach that capitalizes on alien quirks and paper-thin plots to make a kind of unique race, but it's as silly as the current situation if not the same.
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    I say we make an undead race in honour of this thread.
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    zombie. space. pirates. do. please do.
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    @OP:well, we're lacking bugpeople and reptiles to round out our 'natural' collection (two mammals, a fish, a plant, and a bird--with the outliers being glitch with technology and novakids being STARS), and for society/aesthetics you've got things like the middle eastern (more talking disney's Aladdin than anything else) and greco-roman arcitechtures, as well as things like steam-, diesel-, and solar-punk styles.

    the Zaahir race is a nice fit for two of those categories (insectoid and middle eastern, with a unique twist), and during my travels of the board there have been a number of reptilian races that could be prime candidates--i'd love to see something akin to fire emblem's Arcadians (from FE 6/7), which were a mix of roman and LotR elven building styles when depicted.

    also special mention to the Voleurite race, which has a solar-punk style and a unique flavor (i dig the masks particularly)
  9. I don't feel like reading the entire thread again, but I think that the Zaahir were based on ideas that came from this thread.
    If you look at the dates, the Zaahir thread was posted several days after this thread.

    Then again, my memory could be faulty, and the entire thing could just be a coincidence.
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    Ah, the confusion involved with the timeline-distorting powers of necromancy!
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    You have a good point! Though I think Feudal Japan counts as asian...
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    China would be a unique experience in a game that already has Japan in it. The other Asian cultures you mentioned would also be awesome to see in suggestions!
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    I kind of thought that a race of bug people would be easier if they were specifically bees or ants. Also, if they went for mentioned Greco-roman archetype. Bees and ants have a caste system, with the queen filling the role of both the Roman Emperor, and the overlord that most other Starbound races seem to share [Greenfinger, Big Ape, Kluex].

    They also have armies, an emphasis on construction, a cultural mindset that individuals should put the needs of the empire over their own, and in the case of bees, kick certain individuals out of the hive, which could easily set the stage for a character's origin, as most player character races are fugitives. To explain, queen bees kick potential queens out of the nest to maintain dominance over the workers (it's all in the pheromones). They also kick drone bees out that they don't plan on using.

    Others may disagree, but I just find Greek and Roman architecture more iconic and unique than the proposed Middle Eastern. A Middle Eastern culture would be centered on dry, sandy, stone and desert, while in-game we've already got the Avians, who make most of their constructions out of sandstone, and soon the Novakids, who are based off of the Wild West, and therefore deserts.
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    As for what could be added that is Middle Eastern/Indian themed:

    The Naga
    - Lizard people
    - Indian in culture-type

    It works great. If you think about it, the Avians are the Feathered Serpent, Quetzalcoatl. The Hylotyl are the watery dragons of Asian lore. There is already a precedent for using a culture's own stories and twisting them to fit, so for India we could either have the Naga, Devas, or the Asura... and we're missing a lizard race, so the Naga are perfect.
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    please everyone vote for the arachneidi just look at them they're so goddamn awesome

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