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    meh, i guess werewolves are just more commonly associated w/ magic, like vampires......
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  2. ZedVolke

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    Very good idea! Antropromorhic Wolfies ^.^
  3. Commander Benny

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    here's an Idea, what if they add a quest that involves you going to some sort of mad scientist lab where after fighting through his experiments you find him torn apart in his office, after rummaging around you find his notes which you can then use like a star-map upgrade. now depending on your race the crafting item will change in the following ways
    GLITCH= glitch v2.0 upgrade chip
    AVIAN,HYLOTL,APEX= evolutional serum
    NOVAKID= supernova serum
    FLORAN= hyperbolic fertilizer
    HUMAN= omega serum

    all of these items once used will allow your character to transform into a mega mode for 1 minute. if you're an apex for example your character will turn into a silver back gorilla ( or just a gorilla within that size range ). now when you're in mega mode you run slower and jump lower but you are 2 times stronger in every aspect and can rip a four block piece of the terrain underneath you and use it as a projectile that negates armor and does 200-300 damage. so basically you're a tank. good idea right? I think that's a good way of approaching it in a scientific manner, and hey I guess the humans could get harrier and look werewolf-esque once transformed.
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  5. Mermidion

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    ^ No i don't think that is working out at all .it sounds like you wanted to turn this into somekind of digimon game where you could evolve and such and it still would not explain why humans could evolve into werewolve.it looks more like you wanted to push your personal idea and say "and hey ,maybe we could get something werewolf like as a by product." sorry don't like that much.
  6. KazutoKirigaya

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    What if you could take this and make a race mod with it? If you could make a race that was part dog like a werewolf, it could just be another planetary race, one that wants to "convert" all other races. If you ran into them they would attack you until you at relatively low health, and then try to tie you up. If they manage to do so they would make you one of them! But there's a catch, your DNA is resistant to the effects of them and has allowed to sort of shape shift between them and your own race! And because the race is part wolf/dog you would still basically be a werewolf, with all the perks of them, probably a lot of the Apex's bonus that are supposedly planned, like stronger attacks, faster running, and higher jumps, except you have enormous claws and can run on all fours unless walking, which you do on hind legs!
  7. Resonat

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    New race for NPC and players; the Lupex.

    Could have a very savage appearance, but have a very friendly personality. Almost the exact opposite of the Florans
  8. KazutoKirigaya

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  9. Djill

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    I would rather see something original than yet another version of wolfman.
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  10. Kain21

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    Maybe it should be a whole new race!
  11. Campaigner

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    The problems and easy fixes with werewolves are as follows:

    1. Instantly associated with magic.
    FIX: Chemicals, DNA splicing, and so on. Apex are very science-driven, so it's not unusual for the idea of DNA splicing.
    2. Quickly associated with a less-reputable demographic.
    FIX: Don't cater to said demographic. Don't give the werewolf visible breasts or genitalia. It's a monster, not your waifu. Also, don't give them stupid features like streaked hair or piercings.
    3. Suspension of disbelief. Yep, just a werewolf in space.
    FIX: Alien werewolf. Remember the early screenshots of those detailed pixel monsters? Remember those horse/goat things that looked amazing? Do that for the Werewolf; horns, unusual skin color, a form that looks like a genetic horror.
    4. How can x become a wolf?
    FIX: Don't worry about the basics, since nothing makes sense in the universe anyway.
    5. How can they be introduced in a way that isn't ridiculous?
    FIX: Don't bring up ridiculous anomalies. Penguin UFOs, Robot Skeleton Dragon, Monkeys being smarter than Humans, etc.

    If anything, make it a tech that works like such:

    Press F to transform, but only during night. Energy consumption is absent, as is the use of the hotkeys. You become a Werewolf that fights with bare hands. Light levels around you increase greatly. Your run speed and jump height are comparable to the Status Pod buffs, but do not stack as to not go super fast. Your melee attacks deal percentage damage, and the ONLY loot you get when killing anything is Raw Alien Meat. You change back to normal if you teleport back up to your ship, or it is dawn.

    That's just one solution. There's MANY ways this could feasibly be incorporated, but I'm worried that if it IS incorporated, we'll get something that's either bland, ugly, or something you'd see off of disgusting sites like furaffinity. If a Werewolf is included, do NOT make it some furry thing; make it a monster that's pleasing to look at. Nothing can go worse than making it look like some furry character, because werewolves are NOT some dandy, friendly being that masquerades as a human.
  12. Mighty Falcon

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    While I do conciet that werewolves do seem a little out of touch with the games general aesthetics I simply don't understand the forums resistance to magic, when stuff that has a magical aesthetic is already in the friggin game.

    My prime examples being melee weapons made of bone that shoot skulls or bones at enemies for added damage and... hmmm what was the other one... Oh yes the giant reanimated space dragon from hell, which by the by isn't pictured as being reanimated in the scifi-esque frankenstein way but more in the super magical necromancer way?!
  13. Lecic

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    No. Really, really, just no. Werewolves are magic. A virus can't make you quickly double your body mass, grow hair in places follicles don't exist insanely rapidly, elongate your face, and make your ears move to the top of your head, along with the 500 other changes that happen when you turn into a werewolf, in just a short matter of time, ie a few minutes. It's magic, and it wouldn't even work with anything other than human and apex, with the kind of werewolves you all seem to want.
  14. braydon

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    Magic or no magic, it's all the same. It wouldn't change what it is, an enormous waste of time. Not only would it require making a player character that would probably only be used for a short time, but the whole game would need to be balanced around the transformation mechanics, and would take way to much time for what it does.

    If you add to many characters balance will become near impossible.
  15. Karrakazul

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    How would you describe, say, The Incredible Hulk's transformation? It's a transformation, but it isn't magic. It doesn't matter what they're transforming into, if they describe the cause as not being magic, then it isn't, it's fiction, they could say the transformation is caused by an allergy to paprika if they wanted to and it would be just as valid.

    There's a tech that lets you drive a mech for a while, the player personally transforming for a power boost for a short time isn't really all that different. Balancing "the whole game" around it is a gross exaggeration too, that's like saying the game is balanced around the buff eating carrot bread gives you.
  16. Ruti

    Ruti Big Damn Hero

    As neat as the idea sounds, I don't see that lycanthropy adds much that mechs don't add already.

    a good projects for modders if they want to try their hand at it, but not really something to add to the vanilla Starbound.

    Plus werewolves don't really fit the space exploration theme all that well, even with a Hulk-type transformation.
  17. Ado

    Ado Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Coming up with a scientific reason won't make it better.
    Werevolves are remembered as fantasy creatures and they will always be.
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  18. Lecic

    Lecic Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Last time I checked, The Incredible Hulk is not a part of the Starbound universe. And his explanation is basically magic anyway. Oooh he got touched by the scary magic nuclear radiation and now he turns into a big green monster when he's angry.

    People will still see the Werewolf transformation as magic, no matter what stupid pseudo-science explanation you give it.

    Are you kidding me? How is beaming a mech (A PHYSICAL VEHICLE) anything like magically turning into a werewolf?
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  19. Ado

    Ado Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    How about instead of a werewolf you come up with some other mutant thing.
    To make it more scinecy.
    If that's even a word.
  20. SHFranky

    SHFranky Void-Bound Voyager

    I agree with the lycanthrope being magical issue... so why not just make it a humanoid wolf race like the other beast races?

    Making it a "human that turns into a wolf" is just unneeded in this case... it's basically making it a human exclusive ability, in turn meaning it's not even an actual race, but merely humans turning into wolf-men. Even if werewolves weren't a fantasy/magic thing, you might as well make it a tech/ability that allows any race to transform into it. It'd be like playing Skyrim but making it so only humans could become werewolves or vampires.

    Personally I think this could be seperated into two different ideas:
    - a wolf race
    - and possibly some kind of mutation event or something... but for it to be "scientific", generally it would only make sense if it's impossible to turn back.

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