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  1. Lecic

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    I don't think we really need another <mammal>-person race. We've already got one and a few bordering on being one.

    I do like the idea of a mutation that cannot be reversed and has bonuses, but also negatives. Maybe certain races such as humans and florans attack on sight, due to the formers mythology around them and being afraid, and the laters hunting style of life making them think it would be a fantastic hunt to hunt a strong, fast, bipedal wolf. Perhaps silver weapons and a new silver bullet ammo type could have their damage multiplied as well.
  2. Svarr Chanston

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    Science in this game can make you glow, regenerate your lost limbs at a very high rate for eating food, propel your body with bubbles and butterflies.... Then worn items like capes can make you drop flowers that grow for a short bit where you walk, not to mention weapons that shoot out magical skeleton bones, undead roaming in cages and avian tombs, and what about meat and crystals that grows on plants? There's a lot more really..

    No, i think none of you have any right to be bickering about something as trivial as this without having complaints about those things first, and if you do at all then maybe Starbound vanilla is not up your alley? Try mods if any of the above ruins your experience, we have a friendly forum and I'm sure someone will take up your ideas and offers.

    Let's just end this here, it's been going forever and your efforts would be better spent on mod recommendations, in my opinion, this is going nowhere but senseless argument city. :)

    Ehh, or i could just unsubscribe to this topic and let y'all go at it, again it's all opinion. xD
  3. Lecic

    Lecic Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Health regeneration is a game play mechanic that exists because it wouldn't be fun without it. Would you enjoy this game if you had to spend 3 in game months to recover from fall damage?

    I see the glowing effect as injecting yourself with bioluminescent liquid that makes you glow for a bit but burns out quickly.

    The other stimpacks are just drugs of some kind that increase your physical abilities temporarily. You use less than 1/2 of your actual muscular strength most of the time, the stims could easily unlock that.

    Eating food helps recover your health. That's how real life works too, its just sped up for the purpose of enjoyment. Starbound is a space exploration/mild survival game with most things based in reality, not a ultra realistic survival sim.

    The propulsion is from a system similar to the grav bubble, obviously. The bubbles/butterflies are just some visual effect that the tool gives off when you use it. I mean, is it really that impossible to imagine the machine blowing bubbles or releasing small (probably tissue paper) butterflies?

    The cape could use a system similar to human respawn pods to release flowers that quickly die while you move.

    I don't like the bone hammer. I agree with you on that.

    They could be pseudo-undead, as in, they only LOOK undead, as a survival tactic. Think stickbugs, possums, and other camouflage or dead playing animals. The "skeletal" appearance could actually be bony plating, and they could have very thin, transparent, insect like wings stretched between the "bones" in the wings.

    If there can be plants that move like animals, why can't animals that act like plants exist? Is a plant that produces crystals really that impossible? Our own bodies produce stones, surely a plant could develop its fruit as a crystal by drawing minerals from the soil to do so? Then, the seed would be encased in the crystal fruit, to give it a hardy shell to survive. The seed could break down the crystal, then, giving it plenty of minerals to help it start out and thrive, much like how normal fruits and eggs work.

    Werewolves, I cannot see fitting into this game. Your body rapidly changes into a member of a completely different animal type, sometimes even transcending kingdom or even whether or not the race is biological (Glitch, Novakid). And if it doesn't work on non-animal or biological races, then it is extremely unfair to the other races. This game is not Terraria, and it never will be. Please stop trying to get magical or magic masquerading as science into the game.
  4. Svarr Chanston

    Svarr Chanston Cosmic Narwhal

    You missed my point though, it's awesome you understand how all of details works (i never could), but I'm only trying to say it's a game and just that, let's have fun with it. If you don't like a recommendation then you only need to mention it once or not at all and go, it's not a destined thing to appear, in fact, i doubt it's going to... Just let the people who do want to fantasize about this do just that.
    In short, I'm just saying we should go to threads to contribute and improve an idea instead of crushing the fantasies of those here as our first reaction if we don't like it... I used to myself and looking back i feel horrible for it. I think we would all be better off like this anyway. At any rate I'll keep my word and unsub from this thread, i don't want to cause drama by getting off topic even if I'm trying to be polite.

    Cya~ :monkey:
  5. Karrakazul

    Karrakazul Orbital Explorer

    The Incredible Hulk is a combination of science (gamma radiation), biology (how it uniquely effected Bruce Banner) and psychology (anger being the trigger for the transformation), it has nothing to do with magic. The Incredible Hulk and hopping into the mech tech examples are mechanically the same thing as what we're talking about, the regular player transforming into something else temporarily for a power boost. Main point being, we could transform into whatever the heck we wanted to and have it be as sciency as needed with the proper background.
  6. Lecic

    Lecic Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Did you even read my thing? I said his explanation is BASICALLY magic. The reason he transforms is pseudo-science, just like any reason why people on here would be able to turn into a werewolf. You guys don't seem to understand things like "conservation of matter and energy".

    You don't summon a mech out of thin air and poof it away when you are done with it. The lore is that it beams down from the ship. However, the whole *mech beaming down* thing doesn't really have an animation at the moment, so I can understand why you'd think that. The physical mechanics of a mech beaming down from a ship and rapidly mutating into a bipedal canid are two completely different things.
  7. nixraquora

    nixraquora Void-Bound Voyager

    First of all, to all of the people hating on this idea, I would like to state that anyone who even ONCE said that werewolves are anywhere near magical...you should be sucked into a black hole. Werewolves are SUPERNATURAL/FANTASTICAL creatures. Meaning, they are a category above NATURAL. Let's take a look at some of the ALREADY SUPERNATURAL/FANTASTICAL things included in the base game.

    #1 Monsters...I'm sorry, but where the hell are you from that monsters are NATURAL!? Point made.
    #2 Falling in MAGMA and not burning to a crisp IMMEDIATELY. You have to be SUPERHUMAN or SUPERNATURAL for this to occur.

    There are plenty more things but I really have more points to be made, so here we go.

    Second of all, the Devs said they do not want magic in the game? Okay. Show me where a werewolf casts fireball or magic missle. No. Go ahead. Point it out. WAIT...you CAN'T! Because they do not use MAGIC. They are, as it has been stated several times in this thread, infected with a virus called Lycanthropy. That alters there physiology. So, call me crazy, but I am pretty sure that's not magical.

    Third of all, Where does anyone in this thread who has done so get off on calling anyone else stupid or idiotic? In my opinion, you are, yourself, a moron for doing so. You are ill informed on the legend and lore of Lycanthropes and you do not have the right to shoot down someone's idea and call anyone stupid. Go fall into the Gravity Well of a star somewhere.

    In conclusion, I know that I may take a lot of heat from the community for this reply, but I do not care. Th point of suggestions is that you make a suggestion and the Devs will take it into consideration. As far as I'm concerned, this was a well thought out and organized suggestion. The poster stated the intent of the suggestion and how it would work in his opinion and did so in a pretty clear way.

    Would I like to see Werewolves in SB? Maybe, maybe not. But I will not hate on someone for offering up a sound idea.
  8. Lecic

    Lecic Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    1. Monsters? I think you mean aliens native to that planet? If an alien came to Earth, I think they might think Crocodiles and Lions and Bears were monsters too, so that's understandable. But still.
    2. Or you could have highly protective, high tech, probably heat resistant armor? If you fall into a pool of lava more than a block or 3 deep, you are dead. It does 100 pure damage rapidly. If your foot clips some lava, and you have high level armor, you'll survive, with painful, serious injuries.

    Viruses can't make people rapidly morph into a completely different species. A virus can't infect across entire kingdoms of life, and even transcending into infecting non-organic life. The devs have said that they don't want anything limited to a single race only, so you cannot have a werewolf virus. And, because I'm sure someone will call me out on this, you can obtain other races armor from merchants, so their racial armor boosts are not confined to only that race.

    I also think you all need to learn how a virus works. A virus finds a compatible host cell, which is typically confined to a single species or genus, and replaces said cell's genetic material with it's own. Now, the cell will produce more copies of the virus instead of copies of itself. Even if a virus changed the genes of a creature so that it would turn into a werewolf, it would still take as long as it took for all of the cells to duplicate and get replaced into the new version of cell with the new gene for this to work. It'd take even longer for all the physical parts of an infected life form to morph into the correct structure. Furthermore, any cells heavily mutated by the virus would be flagged by the immune system to destroy immediately.

    "Well thought out"? Are you serious? The whole thing is like 6 or 7 bulleted lines of text, with some basic ideas for how it might work, and a collection of unsourced images taken from the wayofthepixel forums.

    The OP doesn't have it as a virus, either. They have it as a magic medallion.

    By the way, telling people to kill themselves/go die in elaborate, albeit currently impossible ways is still telling people to die/kill themselves, which is certainly against the rules, and if it isn't, it should be.
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  9. Peachy

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    The only race this would be comparable with would be the humans, or if you're stretching it, the apex.
    Turning amphibians/fish into mammals is not something a virus (or whatever you want it to be) could do. Why not just settle for the generic beast-man instead of a wolf. Wolves kinda clash with the themes of some of the races. But to be honest I really don't understand why everyone has to have their favorite monsters in the game. Werewolves don't need to be in everything.
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  10. nixraquora

    nixraquora Void-Bound Voyager

    I had no intentions of insulting anyone. And telling them to go fall into a Black Hole was supposed to be funny...considering we are in a SB forum...but I understand it was in poor taste. Anyway, how about this? Since everyone here has their own opinions of whether werewolves are magical or scientific, how about we just agree to disagree and stop arguing about it?

    What we are arguing over is purely fantasy anyway. That was my point when I called out the people who called others stupid.

    And in my opinion it was a well formed idea. It may have only been a few short lines, but this IS just a SUGGESTION forum.
  11. Moonww

    Moonww Space Hobo

    I want this to happen and I found out how
    If you make a DNA changer you can turn into different creatures which give you special abilities
    But you get the DNA with extremely well hidden teasures
  12. Moonww

    Moonww Space Hobo

    I want this to happen and I found out how
    If you make a DNA changer you can turn into different creatures which give you special abilities
    But you get the DNA with extremely well hidden treasures or in a extremely dangerous planet is that better
  13. Lecic

    Lecic Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    1. Double Post

    2. So you... morph into a dog, and now you are stuck as a dog, because you lack numerous higher brain functions of a sapient? I don't get it.
    Also, what about Glitch and Novakid? They can't use a DNA infuser thing, as they have no DNA.
  14. Archilai

    Archilai Title Not Found

    Glitch: "re-assembler"
    Novakid: eh
  15. ObsidianDragon13

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    im not a fan of a werewolf transformation in this game but to those arguing it couldn't work because it looks too much like magic......FLYING UNDEAD DRAGON and MACE THAT SHOOTS BONES.
  16. Lecic

    Lecic Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    I'm arguing against it because I think it is stupid and doesn't fit into the game. It's pretty obvious what this suggestion is, and what it is is a bunch of furries and werewolf fans who realized they couldn't get another animalperson race into starbound, so they are trying to make it possible to just make any race one.

    I've said this before about the "bone" birds in avian tombs. Perhaps the bone look is merely an exoskeleton or something of the sort that resembles bones. Stretched between the bone wings could be thin, transparent insect like wings, to allow flight.

    The bone hammer should be removed, imho. The thing is insanely overpowered.
  17. ObsidianDragon13

    ObsidianDragon13 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    to be honest you shouldn't care if that was the case someone will suggest being a vampire and they will be labeled twilight fans if it happens it happens if it doesn't it wont, no need to dash what someone else wants because you dont like it thats the dev's job like i said i dont like the idea of werewolves in sci-fi fantasy but if they devs implement it which they probably wont im positive it would be avoidable. remember these are suggestions NOT demands.
  18. Peachy

    Peachy Star Wrangler

    If you don't like the idea it's perfectly fine to voice your opinions. I'm pretty sure the devs would want to know how many people are opposed to a idea when making a decision.
  19. EmGeHo

    EmGeHo Cosmic Narwhal

    The possibility of some kind of metamorphosis in games such as lycanthropy is often a great feature, but I really can't see it working in Starbound. I haven't read every post in this thread but I understand some people have some pretty good theories with how you could make it sound fitting for the setting since "magic" won't cut it. Still, I can only imagine such a feature feeling out of place. No offense to those defending the idea but mostly it just sounds like people who want to play as a werewolf, but with little thought of what game we are talking about. Heck, if some ambitious modder were to make a good mod with great lore I would probably give it a go. Fun idea, but not for Starbound.
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  20. THE_____

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    I don't think anyone has brought up the fact that the game already has medieval robot wizards implemented which is a cross between science and magic.

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