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  1. Lecic

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    Ok, seriously, I'm sick of the "we already have a little magical stuff in the game so this would be ok" argument. First off, Glitch wizards don't have any magical powers. They're just people running around in wizard robes.

    Second off, some *possible* magic already in the game doesn't mean being able to turn into a werewolf is a good gameplay idea.
  2. Ruti

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    My takeaway from this thread is this...

    A lot of people (for whatever reason) don't think werewolves fit Starbound very well, particularly if they have innate special abilities. Very few if any of the custom races out there have any special abilities on their own, although their racial equipment may differ in its abilities. However, some people obviously DO want werewolves. Custom races aren't a focus now, and may never be (so far as vanilla is concerned), so suggesting any race is unlikely to get far in vanilla.

    So the easiest way to handle this would be to give up on werewolves being a vanilla race, and have some interested modders create a custom werewolf race along with all its trappings, including any special abilities, as well as an explanation for the race, a history to go along with it, and whatever gear and lore fits them. I doubt any of the naysayers in here will care if someone makes it up as their own custom race.
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    Instead of werewolfs you could simply have like a gamma mutation chamber although I think werewolfs don't belong it still would be cool to be a crazy mutant person.
  4. spfirestarter

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    i like the idea or maybe a werewolf like race oh and to the person who said its like apex and avian being like this thank you but anyway i aprove of the ideas a syringe with the virus i like the idea of having the infection i also like heck look to fricking dbz and the gant monkey forms of sayains man!
  5. shuruga

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    To go back to the main subject, if we forget the debat werewolf sounds like fantasy, wich is true for me.

    The real problem of the suggestion is that you propose to add an item that give to the player :
    - Attack with claws ( If not extiverem weapons equipped ).
    - Leap bigger.
    - Climbing a wall.
    - Run faster (between running and walking have a difference , as he walking four-legged ).

    AND a special monster that can infect you with a special virus.
    AND a second item to cure the virus.

    That's too much out of the game mechanics :
    - Leap bigger.
    - Climbing a wall.
    - Run faster (between running and walking have a difference , as he walking four-legged ).

    That sound like a tech,or more like 3 tech in one.

    What about this :
    monster tech : transform the player into a monster giving him :
    - Attack with claws ( forced player can't use weapon ).
    - Leap bigger.
    - Climbing a wall.
    - Run faster (between running and walking have a difference , as he walking four-legged ).

    After if you want that the skin of the monster you became look like werewolf well why not...
  6. Gun Junkie

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    At the risk of being hated I'm for this... Mostly to support the idea of genetic modification to the player's character. The possibilities could go much further than werewolves... Things as simple as permanent stat boosts could be cool, but ability to actually transform a character would be cooler still. I've seen a ton of support for pet cross-breeding, why not character modification as well? I don't think it should be a big package with major benefits really, just a way to make characters more unique or perhaps change what they are instead of making a new character from scratch.

    I'd be all for a werewolf race instead though. Anyone who denies those pics look awesome is bluffing... and I'm all for a tech focus in this game. Sue me...
  7. The Scout Adventurer

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    this idea is pretty neat but sadly we will be hated by haters and belive me in not a furry i just want to be a werewolf and murder everything and look badass while im doin it. :mwahaha:

    this would be a cool mechanic that has a change good luck :rofl:
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  8. Lecic

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    This isn't a "bronies vs furries" argument. The werewolves are pretty obviously just a substitute for all those dog and wolf based races that get shot down on a daily basis, and there's not really any good reason for it to be in the game, because genetic modification wouldn't even work on 2 of the 7 races at all, and it would either be pointlessly weak and be overshadowed by normal weapons, or over powered to make it stronger. It doesn't fit with the new combat system, either.
  9. The Scout Adventurer

    The Scout Adventurer Void-Bound Voyager

    yes i relize that, also i made a very stupid comment and it was 3 in the morning when i sent it... i was really tired and had no idea what i was saying.
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  10. Deegan

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    Or it could be like your DNA/Symtoms instead of magic
  11. Wetwildwolf

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    a werewolf wud be a great idea for a playable race, seen how theres a wolf alien race from the dogstar planet, or cud even be based on anubis
  12. balegrim

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    Starbound is clearly sci-fantasy, not sci-fi.
  13. darkberserking

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    there are magical sword staffs in this game and ur mad about a thing like this wich to fit in the loor i could really just say apex mest with the fossiles of an ancient race that died of because there lack of intelect and murged it with human not knowing how unstable and angry it would be

    cough cough staffssssssssss
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  14. Messyart

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    Whilst I can only applaud the passion with which you write..

    Staffs aren't necessarily magic. We have guns that can apply elemental affects, it's not stretch to imagine energy-based weaponry being adapted to fill many roles. Like staffs, etc.
    A more specialised firearm than your ordinary gun. Hence them also having such interesting abilities.
    Really, saying "they're magic" is like believing gods make the sun rise and fall..
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    Please avoid using capslock for your whole post and also avoid triple posting like you did. Please also keep in mind that insults are highly inappropriate.
    When you reply in a topic keep our Forum Rules in mind. Also keep an eye on the date when the last reply was.
    Since this is ontopic i'll keep the topic open.

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