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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by DeadSomething, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. DeadSomething

    DeadSomething Subatomic Cosmonaut

    This (hopefully) will become the first of a series of mods bringing the 41st Millenium to Starbound.
    General race-unspecific changes will be in a Universe-mod.
    I thought it would be easiest to begin with the Imperium of Man.

    Although there are Humans already, they don't even slightly resemble the Imperium of Man.
    So one could either mod the existing one and break a lot of stuff or assume the vanilla humans are just human cultures that weren't brought into contact with the Imperium yet.
    So instead of modding the existing race, we'll have to make a new one including
    - race specific furniture and decoration
    - race specific villages, dungeons, microdungeons and spacestations
    - race specific ships and vehicles
    - race specific weapons and armor/clothes
    - race specific Intro-Quest (if possible)
    - race specific Lore-Items

    Thanks to for their list.

    green = done
    orange = not done yet
    red = not possible yet

    Minimum to implement
    1. character body identic to human
      1. Male
      2. Female
    2. character head identic to human
      1. Male
      2. Female
    3. character emotes identic to human
      1. Must work on both genders.
    4. character hairstyles identic to human maybe add more
      1. Male
      2. Female
    5. character body color identic to human
      1. Must work on both genders.
    6. character hair color identic to human
      1. Must work on both genders.
    7. SAIL / AI Wallmounted servitor
      1. Starting with a vanilla one and making your own later, is an option
    8. A ship Currently working on it
      1. Starting with a vanilla one and making your own later, is an option
    9. Teleportation animation missing skills
      1. Starting with a vanilla one and making your own later, is an option
      2. Some of them are in a color replacement string in the .species file.
    10. respawn animation missing skills
      1. Starting with a vanilla one and making your own later, is an option
    11. Introduction animation missing skills
      1. Starting with a vanilla one and making your own later, is an option
    12. flag on my plan, but which one? imperial army or imperial navy?
    13. Lore rough sketch

    Minimum for originality
    1. Custom armor Flak Armour; Black Plate; Carapace Armour; (on back slot)refractor field/reductor field
      1. Graphics
      2. Recipes
      3. Stats/Balancing
      4. Might differ on gender.
      5. Starting with a vanilla one and making your own later, is an option
    2. Custom style clothes different uniform types?
    3. Custom weapons
      1. Graphics
      2. Recipes
      3. Stats/Balancing
    4. Custom ship working on it
    5. Custom quests
    6. Custom NPC
      1. I hope you like writing, you either use the terrible default one, or make your own and here are all the options for text used for a simple villager: Many new alien races and civilisations are discovered by Imperial Explorators every year. For the most part, these aliens are ignored, contained, or if they present a threat to mankind or the Imperium, eradicated.
        1. your race -> human friendly
        2. your race -> glitch friendly, mistaking them for tech priests
        3. your race -> avian neutral
        4. your race -> floran neutral to cautious
        5. your race -> hylotl neutral
        6. your race -> novakid neutral
        7. human -> your race friendly
        8. glitch -> your race as glitch -> human
        9. avian -> your race as avian -> human
        10. floran -> your race as floran -> human
        11. hylotl -> your race as hylotl -> human
        12. novakid -> your race as novakid -> human
      2. consider having a minimum of 5 unique lines for each type of interaction.
    7. Custom tenants
      1. recommended to at least have a custom and random variation for:
        1. Villager
        2. Chef
        3. Merchant
        4. Guard
          1. Tier 1
          2. Tier 2
          3. Tier 3
          4. Tier 4
    8. Custom furniture
      1. Graphics
      2. Recipes
      3. Stats/Balancing
      4. beds
      5. chair
      6. tables
      7. lights
      8. spaceship equipment

    What will not be in this mod:
    - Adeptus Astartes (Space marines) and their armoury as they'll be their own male only race (2,10-2,30m tall)

    No Spacemarine Weaponry for imphuman
    "Like other Space Marine weaponry, Astartes boltguns are designed around their superhuman physique. The weight of each weapon would require most humans to use a supporting brace, with hand-grips larger than any normal human could manage. However, even if a normal human were to fire the boltgun, the resulting recoil would rip their arm from its socket.[10d] Normal humans found to be in possession of even a single Astartes bolt round, much less a boltgun, can expect a swift justice for their crimes."
    but don't despise, there are boltgun designs for "normal" humans

    No Spacemarine Armour for any other race
    Whilst power armour is most commonly associated with the Adeptus Astartes, the Sisters of Battle and many Inquisitors also use powered armour of one sort or another. Typically however these armours may not contain the same strength-enhancing properties or life-support functions of Space Marine power armour, nor do they provide the same amount of protection.

    The most distinctive implant, it resembles a film of black plastic that is implanted directly beneath the skin of the Marine's torso in sheets. It hardens on the outside and sends invasive neural bundles into the Marine's body. After the organ has matured the recipient is then fitted with neural sensors and interface points cut into the carapace's surface.[1][2a][3] This allows a Space Marine to interface directly with his Power Armour. Without the Black Carapace many of the systems of the power armour will not function. While driving the vehicles of the Chapter, special spinal interface plugged into power armour and Black Carapace to provide the Space Marine an intuitive 'feel' for vehicles systems and controls, literally making him a part of his vehicle.
    Recruits must be fairly young, because implants often do not become fully functional if the recipient has reached a certain level of physical maturity. They must be male because the zygotes are keyed to male hormones and tissue types. Only a small percentage of people are compatible to receive the implants and hypno-suggestion to turn them into Marines.

    tl;dr: The Space Marines' Power Armour is only compatible with human males because it requires special implants and genetic modifications which only work on male genes.

    so far i tried these mods and as i advance through my modding, i will ask them for permission to integrate those (with due credit) or make them as compatible as possible
    "Starbound 40k: Weapons of the Imperium"
    "Kasrkin Armor"
    and "Warhammer 40K Dreadnought Mech"

    As a tiered ship, i think it would be easiest to have a downsized ship and as it is damaged, you can only use the bridge and every tier repairs another section of the ship, until it is fully repaired or there are sections left that cannot be repaired - also it leaves room to expand to tiers 9 and 10 or higher...
    to get a good scale, i think a Claymore-class Corvette or the Viper-Class Scout Sloop would be good ships,
    I use this artwork to build a prototype.

    I chose the ships because they are the smallest (Clamore "Dimensions: 1.4 km long, 0.3 km abeam at fins approx." and Viper "Dimensions: 0.95 kilometres long, 0.25 kilometres abeam at fins approx.") known ships with a warp-drive (which is the Imperium of Mankind's only means of FTL-Travel besides short range teleportation).
    but please discuss - this shall be a community thing.
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  2. DeadSomething

    DeadSomething Subatomic Cosmonaut

    making progress in building the Claymore Corvette as a ship using tiled.
    i only doublesized (1pixel = 2x2 tiles) the linked pixelart-designs and will add in detail and functionality.
    once i finish with the fully functional ship, i will create the stages of destruction/repair to be used as tiered ships.
    as far as my intel says, the only weapons on these ships is the dorsal mounted turret (above the ramshield at the front) all other extensions are antennas or defensive interceptor turrets.
    there are also no torpedo bays or bomb decks.
    the four circles at midship are directly related to the ships power system
    it currently has a size of 740 x 320 tiles. current status: rough background done

    same for the viper: size 535 x 290 tiles current status: rough background done

    Also working on my idea of the intro mission:

    in preparation to a warp jump, the player shall go to the armory to get their weapons and armor, but when they arrive, the jump happens, but the gellar field fails and demonic tentacles are all over the collapsing ship.
    the player is ordered by his superior to pick up an artifact "matter manipulator" and a chainsword (or laspistol) to get through a collapsed corridor to get to the bridge and initiate reentry into realspace while the superior leaves through an airlock to fend off some demonic critters to give the player the time to get there.
    the player clears a way through the corridor, fights off some tentacles and eventually gets to the bridge to activate a console and leave the warp.
    by the disruption from leaving the warp, the Player drops unconscious. The demonic entities cannot survive in realspace for longer than minutes under unbearable pain and cease to exist or flee back into the warp. but the ship is damaged. The Player awakens and the machine spirit uses a wallmounted servitor to adress the Player and gives a status report.


    you just became a rogue trader and all this happens during your first warp jump.
    this also would explain why you are diplomatic towards the xeno races.

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  3. DeadSomething

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    it takes time to build the ship as most information about internal layout is nonexistent. This is the scout sloop with the same departments as the claymore. once the layout is finished and working, i'll add more detail, smothen the hull and change/add/(re)move windows (gothic windows wherever possible).
    I'll then use it as a layer in PS to draw the actual background for the ship.
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  4. DeadSomething

    DeadSomething Subatomic Cosmonaut

    i made some posters for the imperium:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    whoever wants to modify and/or use in another warhammer-related mod, you got my permission.
  5. DeadSomething

    DeadSomething Subatomic Cosmonaut

    There doesnt seem to be enough interest for such a mod to keep working on it. all the ideas gathered and all the things made by me are free for anyone to use in mods or games or whatever.
  6. Frosk denizen of the void

    Frosk denizen of the void Orbital Explorer

    I was playing around with the idea of a space marine race mod for starbound, but it's not something I'd be willing to attempt any time soon as first I'd rather start out with something more simple. Don't be disheartened though, you certainly are not the only person out there with an interest in a 40k themed race mod!

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