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    So I have a ship now, and I got my weapon from my last post working, but now I'm trying to add materials (specifically a platform) that fits the design of the ship. However, the item doesn't appear in-game by any of the names with /spawnitem and the recipe file I made crashes the game entirely when I try to open the crafting menu. What's breaking it?

    Here's the .material file, which I made based on the ApexShipPlatform material:

      "materialId" : 556,
      "materialName" : "silvershipplatformplatform",
      "collisionKind" : "platform",
      "itemDrop" : "silvershipplatform",
      "shortdescription" : "Silver Ship Platform",
      "description" : "Durable enough to withstand the demands of space travel.",
      "glitchDescription" : "Informed. Platforms like this are used in space ship construction.",
      "floranDescription" : "Sstrong sship platform.",
      "novakidDescription" : "This platform's strong enough t'keep from gettin' boot scuffed.",
      "footstepSound" : "/sfx/blocks/footstep_lightmetal.ogg",
      "category" : "Supports",
      "renderTemplate" : "/tiles/platformtemplate.config",
      "renderParameters" : {
        "texture" : "silvershipplatform.png",
        "variants" : 1,
        "lightTransparent" : true,
        "occludesBelow" : false,
        "multiColored" : true,
        "zLevel" : 0
    And here's the recipe file:

      "input" : [
        { "item" : "money", "count" : 500 }  
      "output" : {
        "item" : "silvershipplatform",
        "count" : 1
      "groups" : [ "plain", "all" ]
    I've attached the texture itself to the post. Thanks in advanced for the help!

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