Modding Discussion What Are The Map Editing Limits: Like Quest And Special Areas

Discussion in 'Mods' started by JamieMage2005, Apr 22, 2017.

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    I am looking to create a custom map mainly for my own use, but for others as well. I have the tools, I know how to use tIDE and TILE. What I don't know is what areas on the map are either unmovable due to quests or need to be tweaked if moved to ensure quests work. For example how can I move the Greenhouse, the House, or the Spouse spot without messing up quests or how spouses get around? Should these things just be left alone and my map built around it? Are there size limits for maps? What are other do's and don'ts?
    • Entoarox

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      - Greenhouse cant be moved even with SMAPI, it is woven into to many things for it to be safe
      - House is the same as above
      - Spouse outdoor area might as well be the same, as it requires a massive amount of effort with SMAPI to move
      - The shipping bin requires a specifically designed SMAPI mod to be modified safely
      - Gramps shrine cannot be moved at all as it has attached sprites that assume it is in the x,y position it is

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