"What do you want to see in Starbound?" Here's what I want to see...

Discussion in 'Other' started by FurryMIG, Jan 30, 2016.

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    After about 6 months of thinking and debating, I finally give into the peer pressure of my friends and make this post in the forums of what I'd like to see in Starbound.

    If this is in the wrong area, or I'm not doing it right, then feel free to clobber me >.< I'm terrible with forums...

    First and Foremost:

    1: I want parrying back with my Trunkcutter Sword! Using a 2-hand sword with no parry ability drops your ability to defend yourself to zero! So here are my suggestions:

    -How about with craftable weapons, one can decide what secondary ability it will have? Perhaps add additional materials that can be installed to control what secondary the weapon will have? I'm getting monster claws and carapace pieces, perhaps things like that can be added to the construction to specify what secondary a weapon will have?

    2: Crop Irrigation! Needing to water crops to make them grow is totally legit, make no mistake, but I want to be able to irrigate them more effectively than having a mile-long plot of cropland... so I'm one of those big dummies who places all their crops in an indoor multi-level greenhouse. [also off-screen crops do NOT get irrigated with rain! I'm honestly unsure how to fix that.] So here are my suggestions:

    -Easy : Make wireable ceiling or floor or wall mounted sprinklers. Place the sprinkler, turn it on with the switch, and it sprays a moderate amount of water. it can spray in the opposite direction of the object it is attached to.

    -Normal: Make the sprinkler wireable, but at the same time have a SECONDARY wire attached to a "pump" wireable device that is underwater. use a switch to turn the pump or sprinkler on, and they will sprinkle water. This could slowly drain the water, or not.

    -Hard: Make us lay pipes that liquids can travel through. Some pipe segments will have holes that drip water, place them over crop so irrigate them. This creates opportunity to craft fancy works with piping and waterworks, and perhaps water can flow through pipes from foreground to background, to allow players to pass pipes what have water running through them? As usual, this could or could not drain a source of water.

    -Very Hard: Same rules as the liquid-flowing pipes, but you must add pieces of pipe that have "Pumps" installed if you want the water to be able to flow upwards, Like if a player wants to pump water from a water world up onto solid land above sea level. I can't imagine what a nightmare programming such a thing would be, so I don't recommend it, but hey, if it's what the devs and players want, go for it!

    The sprinklers could also be use for fire suppression if tile/item flammability becomes a game mechanic?

    3: I want ground slam back! Why was the Ground slam tech removed!? Sure, it wasn't much use in combat, but good sweet dirturchins was it useful for negating fall damage!! So here are my suggestions:

    -Bring back ground slam! If you don't return the tech, can we at least find some way to reduce or negate fall damage? Believe me, fighting big enemies or bosses is a LOT more feasible when I don't have to worry about fall damge! The only tech I ever found useful for my play style was pulse jump, targeted blink, and ground slam! Perhaps, maybe the leggings can reduce fall damage the higher in Tier you go? Or perhaps a tech that just outright negates fall damage, but occupies a tech slot? That said, maybe I'm just a dork who doesn't know how to play the game right who can't multitask combat AND avoid falling down and going splat...

    AND FINALLY, "What kind of quests do you want to see?"

    I had a huge quest planned out, but I realized the lore I had behind it was inappropriate for this forum, so I'm going to try and word this in a way that won't get me banned, I mean, I'm probably putting this in the wrong thread already...!! So Devs, players, YOU can decide what the story behind it will be. If you REALLY want to know the story I had behind this mission, ask me in a non-public message.

    Anyway! You get a quest from an NPC at the outpost, and at the start of the mission area you meet someone who says something along the lines of; "20 of my friends have been captured, They're inside the base, and we need to take out the boss that stole a penguin mech! I'm sure if you can save at least five of them, you will be able to access the boss room!"

    The mission takes place an a HUGE military base/dungeon/labyrinth that can be openly traversed, full of enemies and traps appropriate for whatever the story needs, presumably. While exploring you fight of enemies and such, standard fare, but sometimes you come across trapped, unarmed NPC. open their cages, and the first five will give you information to access the boss room. I was thinking a five-digit code, each captive you rescue will give you a number of the code, and where it goes, like "Thanks for saving me! the second digit of the code to access the boss chamber is 3! You might want to write it down." the rescued NPC will stay around the spot they were rescued so you can go back and ask and they will tell you the data again.

    Anyway once you rescue five hostages, you have all five digits to access the boss chamber! I was thinking you could punch the code into a scriptable UI interface, I'd like to see more of those in missions, but once you get the code in, the door opens and you can access the boss chamber! But the boss is In a super-upgraded mecha and there are even turrets mounted on the ceiling of the boss chamber that shoot at you! No small task to defeat this boss in combat! BUT THERE IS HOPE!

    Save 5 hostages, and they give you the code to the boss chamber.

    But if you save ten of them, they will hack the base computers [or do something else] and DISABLE the turrets on the ceiling, so the boss won't have any covering fire!

    Save fifteen hostages, and they will hack the base computers and Rework the turret's IFF decoders, so the turrets will shoot at the boss mecha, giving YOU covering fire!

    Go Epic and save ALL TWENTY hostages [some of them will be well hidden!] And five of them will JOIN YOU IN THE BATTLE! Give some incentive to be a hero and save everyone!

    Of course, the more hostages you rescue, the greater your reward at the end is! Save five, get some pixels. Save ten? Get a lot of pixels! save fifteen? get lots of pixels and a powerful weapon! Save twenty? Lots of pixels, a weapon, and a rare item, perhaps?

    In Conclusion: that's what I would like to see in Starbound: Selectable secondaries in craftable weapons, Some way to irrigate indoor crops, and some way to make fall damage more manageable, and a quest where the more you save, the greater your reward!

    Any questions of thoughts? And thanks for reading! -FurryMIG
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  2. Lichen

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    I like how you spent 6 month thinking this and the only thing that i agree of is to bring back parrying to greatswords
  3. General Nuclear

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    that's a little much at once
    i like many of the ideas
  4. FurryMIG

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    Well remember this is 6 months of thinking while driving on deliveries. I deliver pizza and sitting in your car for a long time gives you lots of time to think :rofl:
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    haha gimme dat space pizza!
    do you accept space-visa?
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    See now we need food delivery NPCs.
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    This is why I'm hesitant to post in forums, my suggestions go out the window and people want me to bring them pizza :rofl:
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    I love the idea of sprinklers in the game. Even with the mile long field it is still hard to water all your plants and I would love to be able to go back to using a multi level base for farming.
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    ok, so how do I show my forum post to the Devs....? Get my voice heard....

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