What do YOU want to see in Survival?

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Kelthazan, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. Kelthazan

    Kelthazan Pangalactic Porcupine

    Today's dev-update's mention of Survival mechanics returning got me wondering, what do you want to see in survival (beyond the obvious hunger and temp)?

    Personally I want to see more restrictive teleportation - like planet to ship only so we actually have a reason to fill up on fuel more than once in a playthrough. I suggest replacing the teleport button with "Emergency Escape Device" so we actually have to use the ship teleport pad. And I'd also like to see, maybe, strange alien diseases! Like after getting hit by a rare monster or falling into a suspicious alien liquid S.A.I.L. will pop up with a message going "Oh-no! You caught the Soul-Shivers! You'll move slower from now on and your core temperature will slowly drop unless you find a cure! You should really see a doctor!"

    So what would you like to see added?
  2. LilyV3

    LilyV3 Master Astronaut

    More random events. Like random brekaign ship gear ending you in a random planet of your unlocked tier having you to gather various ores and items to craft before you can cantinue travel.

    Invasions and stuff on planets.

    Return of the Epic creatures.

    Oxygen system. like not the either 0 or 100% oxygen stuff, but axygen tanks hat probbaly do nto stakc so they take critical space in your backpack.

    Reduced inventory by only max 20 stacks and only one backpack. So that you aren't a one trip resource ripper. Instead regular trips form ship to planets have to be done. And large terraforming needs some real effort it transporting materials. Instea dof brinign 20k stones to build houses rather instant.
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  3. Derpislav

    Derpislav Big Damn Hero

    There's realistic and then, there's tedious. Unless actual vehicles or more means of transportation at all are provided, it would discourage building and scavenging. Yes, you can carry more than 100 rocket launchers on your person and that's horrible, but said rocket launchers share same amount of space with syringes and pieces of paper. I'd wait with overhauling the equipment system for now.

    I would like some degrees of status effects, instead of just "cold". There's "it's nighttime on a moderate planet" cold, and then there's "you're walking around half-naked on the surface of a planet that's frozen to it's very core" cold. Same for "you stepped on a burning coal" fire damage and "you're entirely covered and soaked in napalm" fire damage. Late-game you can swim in poison and don't even notice the damage.

    Different environmental protection values for armour. To survive on the most extreme planets, a backpack item wouldn't be enough. Insulating clothing for cold, HAZMATs for poison, that kind of stuff. And consummables that give you a slight increase in these protection values (WATCH ME EAT TEN CHILLI PEPPERS AND GO DIVE UNDER THAT GLACIER). Either that, or armour addons, so you don't have to take off your ferozium set because now that you switched it out for a fireproof suit everything is one shotting you. you baby. learn to dodge.

    Making surface creatures at least partially dangerous would be nice, too. They don't have the benefit of confined areas and surprise the ones in caves do, so it's hard to get hit by them unless you're playing in a blindfold. Making them actively seek the player if they're carnivores instead of standing around in some braindead state until you walk too close would be a good start.
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  4. Kelthazan

    Kelthazan Pangalactic Porcupine

    Pirate invasions would be pretty neat, like... once your colony reaches a certain amount of people or resources you'll have to defend it. Which makes me think we need a better colony system, one that needs food and their temp/oxy to managed.
    I posted a thread about Kaiju sized epic monsters before, like huuuge ones that take from their own art folder, sounds, and encounter music - that'd be cool.
    I'm on the fence about the inventory though... maybe an equiptable backpack system or weapons use more than one slot? OR or an activated hover trolley. You place it like a bike or mech and use a remote leash so that it follows you. Instead of seats it could have an inventory system. With one of these you could have a difficult inventory system without it becoming too tedious. Need to move a lot of crap? Throw it all in your hover trolley!

    I also think environmental stuff does need some work like bad. I never liked how easy it was to just get an oxygen implant thing and never worry about air ever. They should either make that more to the endgame and give us a helmet or something. Oxygen and Radiation are the only things in game right now and they give you a way to negate them before you even get there. As for cold, maybe it should be like a value? Like this armor has a 1.5 against cold and the planet's surface is 1.6 so you still get a bit chilly with water on these planets always being 1.0 points below surface temp. So you still might freeze if you linger beyond a fire for an hour or jump into ice water.
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  5. Justincase

    Justincase Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    1. Boss monsters spawn in eccentric star systems and higher. It shouldn't be often but the percentage should scale. Maybe 3 bosses per planet biome type?
    2. Most monsters only spawn at night. The weak tiered monsters of that planet spawn during the day and the stronger monsters spawn at a lower rate deep underground.
    3. Nighttime monster buff. (Increased damage, detection, and the ability to break down low tier doors e.g. wood, stone, iron. Now the expensive doors have a purpose other than aesthetics)
    4. Monsters avoid light (excluding flashlights). It always bothered me that when i take over a cave, monsters still spawned.
    5. Npcs Stay inside from sunset to sunrise. Nuff said.
    6. Sleeping in a bed speeds up time. Maybe time speeds up very slightly at first and increases the longer you stay in the bed, maybe 3-5x.
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  6. Ralij

    Ralij Big Damn Hero

    Was thinking in terms of the colony system and survival matchup. Perhaps more professions for villagers since we already have the system in place oriented towards survival of the colony: farmers for food, mechanics to fix things, that sort of thing so that a colony can viably survive on their own. Perhaps particular equipment, such as oxygen generators for structures on airless worlds or the like? The other aspect is that certain professions produce certain goods for rent to make rent more useful. Could bring some more interesting options to quests.
    I like the values system from Kel a lot! eat, drink, heat, shelter, maybe random events that are dangerous in addition? Alien (especially Floran!) invasions that attack your settlement. Perhaps if you have miners, like the professions from above, you can uncover certain creatures like the erchius horror or balrog type beast from inside the planet.
  7. Kexy Knave

    Kexy Knave Cosmic Narwhal

    Tbh I don't agree with the current tech/implant system. Seems they nerfed the techs and made implants more or less stacked so whichever the newest one is becomes the best one since it effectively provides the other two benefits. Implants should only offer one benefit, and the other needs should be met with various gear from oxygen tanks or respirators to radiation suits or bio-pills that stave off the effects for a while. Hunger should be a thing again, idc if it's a simple timer but I dislike the "food heals me slowly with a tiny pointless buff" Different recipes should feed more/less depending on ingredients invested and hunger should work something like it does in Minecraft..
  8. whooplaah

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    From a similar thread elsewhere on the website.

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