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What I saw in starbound's potential

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Shadowblitz16, Oct 12, 2023.

  1. Shadowblitz16

    Shadowblitz16 Pangalactic Porcupine

    I always felt that starbound fell really short of it's potential,
    Infact I felt that starbound could have possibly have been a action sandbox mmo that allowed thousands of players to roam the universe and find each other.

    I felt that things like keypads, hand readers, eye readers, and shield generators could have been used to make bases more secure.

    I felt that having some sort of power generators that take fuel would balance shield generators and wiring.
    I felt that doors could have durability instead of just breaking instantly

    AI could have been made to calculate jump arc's and the shortest route to take to get somewhere, and actually aim like other players and get out of other npc's and player's way when trying to acess something.

    Mechs could have been made to work with crew members in which players could suggest or threaten the crew members to upgrade to certain mech parts

    Mechs could also have separate fuel and health like the potential wiring system

    Turrets could have been made modular like mechs.

    Player Ships and outposts could have been to look like npc ships and designable to buy or customize with bought or premade parts out of blocks

    Humanoid Npc's could have had a more extensive dialog system to make interaction feel less fake

    Weapons could have been customizable and upgradeable

    Hunger could have been less annoying and realistic

    A weather system, temperature system and cothing to fit certain temperatures could have been

    There could have been energy swords

    Guns could have taken ammo instead of energy in which you have limited ammo but the guns could have been stronger

    Pixels could have been paid by tendants instead of garbage

    There could have been city planets, road chase anyone?

    Tiers could have been more research oriented instead and possibly locked behide materials that are only on other planets.

    Augments could have been made to work with other clothing items

    Techs could have been equipment based instead of being a ability you equip, Jetpacks anyone?

    Inventory could have been smaller and instead backpacks and crew members could have expended your inventory

    Crew members could have had some sort of command system where you can order them to do something and enemy npc's could order thier crew around too.

    There could have been alot more blocks and items and decoration as well as planet and biome generation in general

    Matter manipulator could have been scrapped for a pickaxe -> drill -> laser drill upgrades

    Wiring tool and Painting tool could have been and item too

    Wiring tool either been automatic so enemy players can't disconnect it or tile based.

    Liquids could have drown people faster so mechs would have more use.

    There could have been something like that logic circuit mod for things like those warning panels which are just decoration

    More wiring things like mining drills, water pumps, block actuators, block pistons, turrets

    Blocks and furniture could have been based on materials instead of having different durability per object.

    Some unplayable races could have been playable

    Novakid could have have villages and dialog

    Mod's could have been server side authoritative only so that people didn't have to send thier mods to every single player that joined thier server.

    There could also have been controller support and 4 player split screen as well

    There could have been game console support

    Memory leaks and optimization could have been, heck ecs would have been perfect for a mmo

    There is probably more. but you get the idea.
    Starbound had alot of potential and now it's not being worked on anymore.
  2. Pangaea

    Pangaea Forum Moderator

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