Mob What Starbound Mobs should have that Terraria doesn't

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Mazeman911, Oct 11, 2013.

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    If the point is not to keep you inside all night then why are you trying to make the night so dangerous? If your "home" is such a nice place that you want to relax and enjoy, why do you need to be forced to return to to it?
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  3. DracoHandsome

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    I know! Thanks.
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    Yeah, pretty much.
    Playing it is fun for a while, but it gets old really quickly due to lack of content or challenge. Terraria improved greatly on that, and hopefully Starbound will be even better.
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  5. Mazeman911

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    Fellow Pop-top tamer!

    spend some time outside at night, spend some time in your home.

    maybe open the door to let some monsters in, then kill them quickly and close the door.

    the point is to force people into their home. There. I said it.

    its because people dont really appreciate it like they should.

    take for example: some guy gives out a free game, but allows people to donate if they want to. VERSUS some guy who forces people to buy the game.

    the second option will obviously lead to a better game with more funding, more devs, more sales, more updates, etc.
  6. DracoHandsome

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    First off, to your donation vs. buying thing, you have absolutely no evidence that's the case.

    It's also blatantly false. If people weren't going to donate they were proooobably not going to buy the game if forced either. That makes it a worse choice as now you have a smaller player base to give suggestions and a smaller player base to spread the word of your game for free. Besides, if you were giving it for free with donations anyway, you clearly didn't need much funding to get the game going now did you?

    Regardless of that trifle, all I'm getting from this is that you want to force everyone else to play the game the way you play it.

    If you like your home so much YOU spend forever in it, zombies or no zombies. No one's stopping you and I won't object. But I would much rather not have half of my game time artificially stolen from me.
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  7. Mazeman911

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    the donations vs buying things, if it were always the case as you say it, then why isnt every game free? why are we paying for starbound? why not just make it free with donations?

    im not trying to force everyone to play the game as i want it, all im trying to do is introduce lost corners of gameplay.

    you're acting as if youre going to stay inside the house, afk, at all times, at night.
    however thats NOT what im trying to relay. im only trying to make going outside DANGEROUS.

    its a fine line between DANGEROUS AND SCARY and ANNOYING AND A CHORE.

    on the other hand, think about it when (or if) you played terraria and on your first play-through, you killed the wall of flesh.
    you were sitting in your home with your water-bolts and molten armor, watching as clowns and gastropods fired away at your home, and you could only risk going outside when their numbers were few, or you had a friend to help.

    you saw how horrifically low your damage was, and how fast your health was chunked, you manage to get away with all your loot and a sliver of HP, back home, to talk to the nurse and discover what you can craft from the loot you earned.

    anyways, thanks for keeping the thread alive. been bored for the past few days.
  8. DracoHandsome

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    Terraria always has and still to this day has the most annoying invasion system imaginable.

    Normal nights were never an issue, but Blood Moons, Goblin Invasions, and now Solar Eclipses /COMPLETELY HALT THE GAME/ until they are resolved. You CANNOT do anything else until you have cleared it out.

    And that's quite frankly

    horrible game design.

    I do not want to see anything of the like in Starbound.
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  9. Mazeman911

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    im not talking about the events. the events are more like kill the enemy before they kill you, or barricade your door with 5 layers of wood.
    im talking about normal everyday nights, i didnt mention any events in my previous post.
  10. Mazeman911

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    i think us florals should just befriend each other ;)
  11. DracoHandsome

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    The events of which I speak are exactly the same as the "normal everyday nights" you're describing.
  12. Mazeman911

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    events are rare, nights are everyday.
  13. Mazeman911

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    all i need is a tweet badge and we can be exactly the same!
  14. DracoHandsome

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    That kind of makes it worse, since the whole point is I despise when the events in question occur, and the concept of them occurring every day would cause me to stop playing Terraria.
  15. Mazeman911

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    im talking about two whole different things.... i just think the monsters at night need to have more of a purpose than to just be once-click annoyances.

    events are competely different. they are more like bosses, you dont see bosses everyday. if there was a boss every time i went around a corner i wouldnt play terraria either.

    also try replying to me when i try to be social :(
  16. DracoHandsome

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    If we end up talking in another thread and we're not in a disagreement I probably won't even actively remember we're in one and either way will generally be more agreeable.
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  17. Mazeman911

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    lol if we keep this up we will evolve from poptop tamers to whatevers after
  18. Mazeman911

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    alright lets just end it: you win, keep the terraria-like night time monster spawn style :p

    anyhow with the new planet-tier levels this shouldnt even be a problem.
    realized this after reading an article.

    i guess starbound has so much more that it isnt really comparable to terraria in that fashion
  19. DracoHandsome

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    Starbound is making big promises but showing very little. Right now it's Space Terraria with slightly better water.

    Of course, if I'm wrong and Starbound ends up completely unlike I've seen so far, then I have no objection and that's a good thing.
  20. xalar

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    regarding that, it gave Terraria the feeling that something is more out there. mechanically it gave creeps a level up so they could face you with your level in power. Sure having complete control over when and where(aka no COMPLETE HALTS) you do something is fun, but it does get boring after a while when nothing eventful happens.

    I think that the creatures would have issues with time of daylight hours as bad as the next planet. For instance, we have more silent and scary/ unseen creatures at night hunting like a cougar or owl, or rodents that migrate from one hideaway to another. Sleep is a big part of animal behavior in hours that aren't prime for survival. Kangaroos can sleep in the hot day in Australia, and the parakeet sleeps during night in S. America. Then we can mix in how each biome effects animal activity and hostility: a planet that is cloudy during the sunlight hours and very hot at night could house animals that sleep during the day because it is irritating to sleep at the dark hours.

    On a similar note I haven't seen many rodents or songbirds in the vids.

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