What this games npcs somewhat desperately need and why

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by WaterfallMoth, Apr 1, 2019.

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    The npcs are a nice mechanic as it is, but for a game that is so much of a sandbox game in the building aspect, the world isnt quite adjusted to that it seems, and I hope that it is to change.

    The npcs are pretty well made already, some cheesy voice lines could use tweaking but I understand if I take it a bit too seriously, this game has topped all other sandbox games in the creation aspect, even garrysmod which I hold dear, but it feels as if the npcs are lacking their systems of individuality

    A few major suggestions:

    Guard npcs (like Hylotls guards) could have different levels of aggressive behavior which is randomized, (maybe just a tad more/less health?)

    I haven't been able to get a good look on how armed friendly npcs interact with enemies, but Ive noticed that they don't seem to try to move if there is an enemy in the same spot they are, so perhaps integrate that if it isnt already

    Seperate commands for disabling admin features, like admins being able to turn off infinite health and have the others, then another to disable drowning, and so on
    The most important is that maybe Health, energy, and drowning "switches"

    Smaller suggestion:

    The game has a very 2-dimensional aspect to it (pun intended), I feel as if there needs to be a second, yet lesser, "evil" that doesn't tie in to the Ruin, to remove the "you saved the world and now its perfect"
    it honestly should (to me) be more of the aspect of "you saved the world from destruction", since where theres harmony theres the displeased too
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    Not sure if I'm supposed to post here, but I agree. Especially the-other-evil-that-isn't -tied-into-the-Ruin part. Kluex and Big Ape are bosses in-game but I feel that the Miniknog and Kluex himself/herself/itself (rather than some avatar) should be other evils in the game.
  3. WaterfallMoth

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    And the whole thing that entirely ruined the game for me is that it just seems so insecure of itsself, like there cant be mystery without either no answer or its so short lived its godawful, and the optimization is why I cant stand the game, if I load up a new game with no items and just warp to the outpost and walk in a building the game drops HORRIBLY and the grappling hook is even WORSE, honestly they also dont please the players who beat the game through the agonizing "ok your mission is to look around" about 14 times in a row, the game entirely and completely failed it's own base structure, the thing is, we dont have things in the adventure elements to work either, so to go to a list
    (NO MODS)
    Crafting takes time,

    World doesnt seem to be centered around creating, like what about the arches and dips in normal planets, it sounds terrible but they need to entirely rework the world, I cant use the spheres because theres random 4 block high points going straight up in some places that I haven't been,

    We really cant get a no clip for admins to build with?

    THE ADVENTURE (and the npcs)

    This game literally tries to make your character personally space jesus, the mechs are pointless and unbearable for all real purposes due to the fact that it's so mind numbing once you're at endgame and they're still so dumbed down, much like everything else (and also the worlds arent well designed for the idea of adventuring, I'm jumping over tiny holes so much that the idea of a hill is "oh yay more jumping, like always")

    The npcs, to quote some someone, have starbound syndrome in all ways, "hi" is the extent of creative dialog,
    Then you go over 5 seconds later and it says hi again, this feels so mind numbing everywhere, the game needs scripted events so badly so that maybe in a temple bandits grapple down and ambush rather than mindlessly hopping into a saw blade or something


    This brings it to the horrible thing of the game
    If I asked 5 people what starbound is they'd for sure have "sandbox" and "rpg", but the dev's just cant seem to decide either, the game is trying so hard to appeal to both it's become a trainwreck, this game needs a heavy dose of undertale in hope it understands the story it crams down our throats is literally "you become fucking God and you have no power to stop that, even though you just became God your power is meaningless"

    If a game needs mods to be worth playing and it's not built for it, its pointless,
    Garrys mod? Modder based game, a beautiful trainwreck that the players are proud of, but if someone asked me to defend starbound I couldn't, the game needs to just rework it all using its frame resources, but that probably wont happen, ideally theres nice little "requirements" for random generation that make it so I dont fall into caves by accident, the last thing the game needs is more stuff, it needs to get optimized, have less bearing around theBush, clean up modders capabilities, and simply understand it cant make the majority of people happy, let alone all of them
  4. theflamingchuthulu

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    I agree with some of the things you mentioned. It always made the game less immersive and more lonely feeling when the npcs say the same thing all the time. If I was to design a video game I would have literal artificial intelligence as npcs. It's another good way to keep people from murdering npcs in video games if they were really just digital people. One thing I loved about Minecraft Pocket Edition (Bedrock Edition) is that it has a built-in addons/mods api, and not even with all the weird "Extract zipped file" junk. It literally has a MENU for it. Why can't more games have such things?

    "you become fucking God and you have no power to stop that, even though you just became God your power is meaningless" Lol! that would make an interesting story, where the main character had that happen to him/her/whatever.

    I also find falling into caves pretty annoying as well, but at least the monsters can't get me from their little caves. :nurunaughty:

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