What version is the Switch version based on?

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    Hi everyone!

    Absolutely love this game and have it both on PC and on Switch (bought the physical Switch Limited Run #42: Timespinner version)

    It's one of the best 3rd Party Symphony of the Night clones/look a like games I have ever played, many many thanks.

    My question is this, what version is the Switch version based on? I have 1.031 for PC.
    Seeing as the Switch release is from June 04, 2019 (1.0.0) and 1.031 for PC is from May 30, 2019, would it be safe to assume that the Switch version is based off that?

    A little bit off-topic, I managed to use my save file from my PC and import/use it on my Switch and it worked perfectly.
    I just love when you can do that, recently did the same with Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom :)


    Seems like my hunch were correct, I missed clicking on the link on the version page taking you here
    Well, I guess you can disregard from this now :facepalm:
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