What will you tell your favorite character?

Discussion in 'Games' started by NaiJi, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. NaiJi

    NaiJi Starship Captain


    I know everyone likes someone from computer games, but what will you tell your favorite character if you met him in the real life?!


    I'm first. If I met GLaDOS from Portal 1/2, I'd tell her "I know the cake isn't lie! Stop joking, please! (and don't kill me)"

    Who's next?
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  2. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

    This is a really cool idea...

    Okay, if I met John Marshton from Red Dead Redemption...I'd tell him to get the lead out!

    ((Totally not a figure of speech))
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  3. Lil' Mini

    Lil' Mini Phantasmal Quasar

    If I ever met Braum, I'd ask him if he wants a glass of milk before passing out with style in front of his mighty and manly stature. :viking:

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  4. NaiJi

    NaiJi Starship Captain

    @Lil' Mini, whoa, I like League of Legends too! But I'm actually playing as support, so my favorite characters are Sona, Soraka and etc. :nurugasp:
  5. Lil' Mini

    Lil' Mini Phantasmal Quasar


    But eyo it's alright, everyone has got their own personal tastes. :rofl:
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  6. NaiJi

    NaiJi Starship Captain

    @Lil' Mini, Sona is very simple character for me. And I like healers. And she is a girl..... Ehehehehe~♫♪

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  7. Surenu

    Surenu The End of Time

    If I ever got to tell Roman from This War Of Mine one thing it'd be:
    "It's okay buddy, the war is over, you can relax now... that takedown with the crowbar was pretty f**king rad tho!"
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  8. HueHuey

    HueHuey Parsec Taste Tester

    Right, now let's go bowling!
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  9. Arra

    Arra The End of Time

    To Leo Stenbuck from the 1st ZoE

    " Just shut up, quit crying, grow up, AND BLOW STUFF UP! "
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  10. NaiJi

    NaiJi Starship Captain

    "Hey, listen, Corvo...
    Revenge doesn't solves everything!" :rip:

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  11. Charlatan

    Charlatan Parsec Taste Tester

    "Jack, would you kindly tidy up my house and do all my work?"

    Just kidding. I dont know who my favorite character is... hum.
  12. I_am_the_Storm

    I_am_the_Storm Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    "Duke, come get some beer!!"
    Duke Nukem
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  13. littlestabber

    littlestabber Void-Bound Voyager

    noble six from halo reach.

    there's like 1984 covenants there! get inside this pelican already!
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  14. MS_NorthEastern

    MS_NorthEastern Orbital Explorer

    Corvo/Emily Dishonored(2)

    Make sure Delilah isn't coming back this time!

    Also, wen you were on your throne reclaiming adventure why did you spend half of your time reading books?
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  15. NaiJi

    NaiJi Starship Captain

    Ohoho, it's similarly for Skyrim and Morrowind! :nuruflirt:
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  16. Mat-ato

    Mat-ato Aquatic Astronaut

    Wilson from Battlefield 1

    Make sure you've learned how to swim before you jumped on that plane with Blackburn
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  17. Mat-ato

    Mat-ato Aquatic Astronaut

    Poor poor noble six...
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  18. BigBlueFish

    BigBlueFish Void-Bound Voyager

    First of all I wouldn't speak because I would be to busy whimpering in a corner after disappearing from 2017 into a creepy town riddled by dangerous magic and a rat plague

    but if that wasn't the case I would ask corvo attano "Are you secretly a ninja"
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  19. Littleman9Mew2

    Littleman9Mew2 Zero Gravity Genie

    What would I say to my favorite character Mewtwo?
    *Puts hand behind back and walks up to window*
    *Stares idle for a moment, staring into space*

    Good Question, as I honestly can't put a direct (final) answer. If I had to say only ONE thing, I wouldn't know, but if I had a whole day/week with them. I would honestly ask into getting training with psychic abilities. After we got to know each other some more, we would do stuff like ride on it's back and see the world as it flies through the air. Have it try to teleport me a short distance, make me levitate, and see what thoughts it can read in my mind. Have it try to teach me how to do that stuff too.
    The same would go for Lucario.
    I will extend the idea with my second favorite character: Samus Aran.

    I would ask her what would she do after the events that took place after Metroid Fusion
    (Wont go into detail, spoilers y'know?), which is the last game in the timeline as this post, and ask would she do now after what choice she had done in Metroid Fusion. And ask if she has anyone else to go to at this point or place.
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  20. Arnust

    Arnust Big Damn Hero

    Huh, I almost always have a character that I liked in my games. Maybe Simon Jarret; "You are doing fine, buddy" and pat his dunked up back.

    Alternatively I'd ask Solaire to go to the movies or something, heh.
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