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WIP Wild Things - Early Access Version [nightly starbound]

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Armed Mosquito, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Armed Mosquito

    Armed Mosquito Existential Complex

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    [Once Stable is out I will release a new Wild Thing (monster) frequently to keep the monsters fresh!]​

    Subscribe to the mailing list to receive updates before they are on the official community. Think of it as an exclusive developer build. Once I have a new update the first people who hear about it are the early access subscribers. Once I can confirm it being stable for this community I will upload it on ours soon to come mod page.

    Yes, you can try it now. The only catch is you must subscribe to the mailing list @ http://mod.armedmosquito.com/WildThings/earlyacs.php

    *I will only use the email supplied to me to update you if we have a new download to try. It's directly to release the download exclusive to my early access supporters. Only my eyes will see the emails supplied, names can be nicknames they are not important to me.

    Once you become an Early Access Subscriber you will receive an email with a download link that will expire in five (5) days. Sent from squitoprojects@gmail.com please make sure that email is white-listed or check your spam if you don't see it. If yours expires, you can resubmit your information with the same email to receive the download again. Instructions will be emailed out during each early access update.

    The biggest request I have for you is to enjoy the mod! However, anyone who wants to go beyond enjoying it I am looking for feedback of all sorts! Constructive types of course! I am looking for ideas you think would fit quite nice to a mod like this. Also, problems you might encounter is reported to me help make a more stable version for the community.

    Visit the public disqus area to talk with others publicly about it. This however is better for commenting.
    Leave feedback using the IdeaFeed system installed on the website. (Its in a list - also bottom of Page)
    If you prefer using the thread here that is fine to I am active again!

    + Wild Things (new monsters)
    + New Animations (including death for Wild Things)
    + Capture all Wild Things for Pets!
    + Specialty Hunting Weapon
    + Snares (soon traps)
    + Fishing Loot from Profession Bound (as profession bound is ending)
    + Quest (main quest to get you going after looting a carcass, or pickup from anywhere with old characters with pickup quest on items)
    + Compatible for custom races, and well overall it should be compatible with anything!
    + Adds new cooking recipes. Including smoking techniques (items with nice buffs for hunting!)
    + Two new main crafting tables, Survivalist Table, and a Butchers Block Table
    + New Loot

    + All made from the ground up! +

    - I need your feedback to make this mod better! Become an EA Subscriber and help give ideas, and report problems. Remember you are not required to give any feedback if you don't wish. -

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