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RELEASED /WIP EasyMaterials

Discussion in 'Cheat/God Items' started by gmod, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. gmod

    gmod Subatomic Cosmonaut

    A mod for those who don't want to farm multiple planets for materials
    Currently added:
    Easy recipe for all Bars in the game (copper, iron, silver gold, etc.)
    Easy crafting for rubium aegisalt and violum
    Easy crafting for uranium rods and plutunium rods
    Easy crafting for solarium star and coal
    More to be added! tell me what you think would a be useful material to be able to easily craft. Almost all suggestions will be added when I have time.
    Currently added items that are broken:
    uranium and plutonium rods
    impervium cerulium ferozium and durasteel
    steel.(although you can probably craft that stuff pretty easily with all the ores added)

    everything added can be crafted at a stone furnace with 1 dirt
    Download below

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