Mob [WIP] Electromites

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  1. Zeklo

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    The electromites are seemingly harmless tiny robotic insects (should they be microscopic?). Occasionally they swarm making them visible and making them vulnerable to attack. They eat practically anything making them deadly as they sweep across planet to planet like a disease. However they are not commonly known for their eating rather for burrowing into technology to gain control. This makes them much more dangerous as a military equipment such as mechs can be taken over. Whole entire outposts have been destroyed because as of yet there is no easy way to dispatch them. The electromites cannot host live glicthes for reason unknown, but in the case of a shutdown the doorway is open. The electromites are practically glicthes version of the human's "zombies". It has been proven that an emp does not disable them, this is currently in the process of being explained. In the event of a sighting it is highly recommended to leave any technology behind in the case of an encounter. The electromites will disable any and all advanced weapons (debuff).
  2. fabledClockwork

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    If these only appeared in specific planets/stations, I'd love them. I mean, corrupt nanobots are pretty much vital to good sci-fi. It would also be pretty cool if you could tame small amounts of them by some means. Sorry, I just really like the idea of having my own army of robotic hacking bees.

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