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RELEASED [WIP] Timelord Race mod (with Regeneration!) 0.1

Adds the Timelord race with regeneration abilities.

  1. redfoxdev

    redfoxdev Aquatic Astronaut

    redfoxdev submitted a new mod:

    [WIP] Timelord Race mod (with Regeneration!) - Adds the Timelord race with regeneration abilities.

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  2. 777Dan777

    777Dan777 Cosmic Narwhal

    Isn’t there already a Doctor Who mod that adds all this?
  3. redfoxdev

    redfoxdev Aquatic Astronaut

    As I mentioned, there have been previous attempts and some discussions about bringing the full Timelord race into the game but it really never happened. If I am missing anything, please let me know.
    Edit: I want to correct myself, perhaps full blown races were brought to Starbound but they didn't feature major gameplay changes like regeneration process, for example. This is what I am mostly aiming with this mod.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2019
  4. micmou

    micmou Void-Bound Voyager

    what ever happened with this?
  5. redfoxdev

    redfoxdev Aquatic Astronaut

    Hello micmou! Sorry to answer with such delay, but I got carried away with other priorities and responsibilities at the time. Unfortunately I find that not many people play Starbound these days to gain a proper feedback and I haven't found any collaborators for this project for it to develop further. I haven't forsaken it completely though. Thanks for the inquiry!

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