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Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by hueonpao, Feb 20, 2018.

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    Hey guys! Been playing Starbound for a while now, but only just discovered the forums. I got pretty far in during my first playthrough, but my computer had really, really poor performance (usually with single-digit FPS) so I dropped it eventually. I did manage to begin construction on a pretty big project. It was on a snow planet, on top of a mountain with a human camping grounds at its feet. I included an art collection (with only 'original' pieces, no pixel-printed items) at the penthouse, and planned to eventually add a wing to house my significant collection of (also original) artifacts, fossils and treasures, which was in my starter planet (in a much less showy setting). The lower floors would be luxury suites on the left and commercial establishments on the right, but I didn't get much further than a few stories. Unfortunately, before I could either finish the building or learn how to make a proper stitch image of a large area, I stopped playing the game because of performance issues, and later on my hard drive died and I couldn't recover the savefile.

    Since my new machine runs the game way better, I'm keen to begin reconstruction soon, but this time I'd like to be a bit more mindful of the space beforehand - I got a bit too carried away with making big symmetrical rooms and halls that I didn't think much on what I'd fill them with. I could also try for a less luxurious type of building, like a small town, since my character doesn't really strike me as the Scrooge McDuck type of gal. In any way, it seems like there's been quite a few new dungeons and items added since my last playthrough, so I'm quite eager to put that stuff to the test!
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    Cool!, the mix of modern and wood are also a very interesting element.
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    Looks great, can't wait to see the finished product.

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