Wire - Relay block

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  1. Tyler the Ultimate Badass

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    It's a block that can hold a wire, allowing a switch to effectively extend it's normal range.

    When put in place a player can connect wires to it using the Wire tool as shown at the end of this post.


    Crafted at Wire station.

    -1 Steel bar
    -1 Laser diode
    -1 Circuit board

    Placed at: Both background and foreground layers.*

    *If placed at the foreground layer it behaves like a platform. A player can move through it but can also stand on it. If placed in the background layer the player can place furniture in front of it without interrupting it's function.

    Emits no light [So it's not noticeable if placed outside the room]

    Function: Accepts input and gives output. It's output value is the same as its input value.

    Example of use: Allows a player to control multiple lights in a large room with only one light switch [Whereas without it players can only control lights near the light switch].

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    No response or update on this, huh? Any ideas on how to extend wiring range?

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