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RELEASED Wired Teleporters (v0.1a) 2016-09-14

Wired Teleporter for local instant teleportation

  1. SSirin

    SSirin Void-Bound Voyager

  2. uPr0ph3tu

    uPr0ph3tu Intergalactic Tourist

    Hey there !

    I'm porting this to workshop and adding it to my collection for my server. I'll make sure to give you full credit of course but for now I'm going to put it on workshop and if you end up publishing yours I'll delete mine and then just add yours to my collection.

    The wiring sucks in this game with trams, you go out of chunk and there's really 0 way to call that stupid thing back. Forget delays etc none of that works. So finally we're stuck using teleporters, bookmarks are messy, WTM is too big a scope and wanted something simple. This is perfect, thank you for your work.
  3. swefpifh

    swefpifh Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Hello uPr0ph3tu,
    thios mod don't work now with the last Starbound update (1.4). It's the same thing for you ?


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