WIP Wizard Dialogue Overhaul || Estimated 400+ Lines & 2+ Heart Events

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  1. Faustian

    Faustian Void-Bound Voyager

    Wizard Dialogue Overhaul
    ( Includes new heart events and an alternate story. )



    It's a pleasure to meet you all, I'm Faust, and I've been playing Stardew Valley
    for over a year now. During most of this time, I've been obsessed with attempting
    to get a 10-heart level friendship with the Wizard. I have enjoyed the extended
    dialogue mod created by haywrites, but I cannot help but realise that something is

    I've come to understand that the idea behind Stardew Valley is actually quite horrific;
    if you applied the physics of the world it resides in to the real world. People do not
    age, the people repeat the same things over and over... You cannot remember
    anything else of your life before the valley, hardly anyone comes to visit the valley
    and none of the townspeople know anyone outside the village, monsters exist but
    no one knows where they came from and no one seems to acknowledge the existence
    of the secret woods which hints of a dark history. All of this combined with the
    mysteriousness of the Wizard had me hooked. And I wanted to create a darker,
    somewhat more sinister version of the Wizard, with a twist.

    In this rewrite, which is estimated to contain over 300+ lines of dialogue and 2 new
    heart scenes, you have a chance to romance the Wizard, but you cannot marry
    him. It's a sort of forbidden relationship... If you could call it that.


    Important Notes

    > This mod will contain some implied intimacy, and I plan on making two versions.
    One SFW and a slightly NSFW one, which will be the original. The SFW one is the only
    one that will be released on the forums. The NSFW one will likely be posted on
    nexus mods.

    > This mod is a sort of self project and I'm not under any sort of time constraints, it
    will be finished eventually, but when, I cannot say. I estimate by the end of this
    year, I'll have the finished mod.

    > This is my first public Stardew Valley mod. I have two other private mods that I created
    to test dialogue that was created for Sebastian and Emily. They will not likely be
    released, but if this project goes well, then I might. I'm still not perfect with my
    modding, so I am working to improve. I apologise for any problems that may occur
    and I will do my best to fix them.



    Draft complete story line ✔
    50+ lines completed ✔
    150+ lines completed ✔
    250+ lines completed

    400+ lines completed ✘
    Final dialogue draft ✘
    4-heart level heart event ✘
    ( Possible 7-heart level event...? )
    10-heart level heart event ✘
    Beta testing ✘
    Fix bugs and other errors ✘
    Final release ✘

    ( Screenshots will be inserted here based on my current progress )


    Required Content?

    > There is no required content, but it this mod is being designed with the following
    portrait and sprite mod in mind. It should work with the default portrait and
    other mods, but take in mind that all mods are different and expressions
    may look funny with certain lines of text because I've designed the mod to be
    compatible with a specific visual mod. This is partially because of my own
    tastes but also because I feel as though this mod matches the personality of
    this version of the Wizard.

    > This mod should be fully compatible with any mod you can imagine, unless
    the dev decides to update the way dialogue / heart events work.

    "Wizard" by Kal ( kal621owo621 )


    Download Link:

    I found that clicking on the buttons didn't work, so right-clicking the
    button and opening the link in a new tab seems to work.

    All credit goes to the creator. I take no ownership over anything.


    Other Notes

    > The basic plot regarding the Wizard's dialogue revolved around the fact
    that the valley seems to be completely isolated from the outside world
    and on the ruins in the secret forest, as well as the Wizard's
    previous relationship and the way he interacts with the player.

    > This particular romantic candidate will have very specific heart events,
    meaning that they may only trigger on certain seasons, in certain weather
    and only if you have met other requirements. It's designed to be a very
    in-depth play through, but if you're into that sort of stuff, then wonderful.


    Thank You For Reading!
    You're welcome to ask questions and make suggestions below, I want to know
    how I can make this mod better for you guys<3
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    • xangria

      xangria Subatomic Cosmonaut

      This sounds interesting. Do you have the text ready to download and test, or are you still working on that part?
      • Faustian

        Faustian Void-Bound Voyager

        At the moment I'm just getting to grips with making sure I've worked out all the grammar errors and incorrect pieces of code, since I know Stardew Valley tends to crash when codes are triggered and the code can't be read.

        Are you hinting that you'd like to see some of the lines love? Because I do have a text document I can screenshot if you'd like to see some of lines. They don't have the dates because I'd prefer to let users of the mod find out what lines happen on certain days/seasons ;3

        I'll have some of the downloadable .xnb files available in a little while, so people can test them if they'd like.
        • xangria

          xangria Subatomic Cosmonaut

          I can wait to see it. I'd rather read it in game. I'll be waiting for the .xnb to be ready.
          • Faustian

            Faustian Void-Bound Voyager

            250 or so lines finished. First tester .xnb will be released once I have 300 lines done.
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            • meiong

              meiong Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              I'm really excited for this to be done! :)
              • potouto

                potouto Void-Bound Voyager

                I'd love to see this mod's completion! I'm hooked by the premise already <3
                • Fiain

                  Fiain Void-Bound Voyager

                  oooo. Ok, I can't -wait- to see how this turns out, I really can't. I'll keep an eye on it - if you ever want a beta tester, I'm happy to try it (it sounds really really cool)
                  • midna64

                    midna64 Big Damn Hero

                    ooooooo i cant wait
                    • et12356

                      et12356 Void-Bound Voyager

                      This looks awesome!
                      • envylover

                        envylover Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                        I love to read dialogue of this game. can't wait for this the depth!
                        • Balentay

                          Balentay Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                          Hi there! Would you consider releasing the mod as it is now? I'd love some more dialogue for the Wizard!
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                          • ZeGauntlet

                            ZeGauntlet Big Damn Hero

                            Cooool, I can't wait. Need any help?
                            • Orokana

                              Orokana Big Damn Hero

                              @Faustian - How's the mod coming along? I'm really excited for it, especially since it's so large! <3
                              • -chocolate

                                -chocolate Void-Bound Voyager

                                hey @Faustian, would love to hear any updates to this overhaul!
                                • licului17171

                                  licului17171 Orbital Explorer

                                  @Faustian - This looks absolutely incredible! Do you have any updates as to how the mod is coming along? <3

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