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    Today I was playing Starbound, and I went to my home world, and the game started to have issues due to my computer's processing speed. I closed Starbound because it was basically frozen, and restarted my computer (this always helps). The amount of memory that Starbound was using when I closed it was upwards of 120,000 K. When I got my computer loaded back up, and was playing Starbound again, it attempted to load me onto the planet I had been on, and only the background loaded, and nothing else. Eventually the game booted me back to my ship, and I attempted to transport to the planet (I have a flag there to transport to), and it never transported me there, so I closed Starbound. I loaded it up again, and navigated back to that planet, and attempted to transport down onto it that way. It again only loaded the background. In the files on my computer, there is no failed world file. I don't know if any of the files are corrupted, and I'm not quite sure how to check. However, I did find the following in the log:

    [16: 36:14.217] [Error] UniverseServer: World CelestialWorld:-906850076:964093813:-40023145:10 has stopped due to an error

    [16: 36:14.217] [Info] UniverseServer: World CelestialWorld:-906850076:964093813:-40023145:10 shutdown, kicking 1 players to their own ships

    If there is any way to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated. I have been a loyal Starbound player for quite some time, and it wouldn't be that big of a deal if it wasn't my home world and didn't have all of my items and resources on it... :(

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