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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Gassy, Feb 7, 2019.

  1. Gassy

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    For awhile I've considered trying to make a mod. But I know nothing about programming and I think I'm pretty poop at pixel art QwQ

    But what if it's just a simple plush? would I be able to make a mod that just adds a plushy to the game?
    At first I wanted to make a merchant, but other then the plush, I don't know what he would sell. And it might be a little too difficult for a dummy like me.

    What's needed to put a plush in the game?
    I know I would need to do some pixel art, because the plush is based on one of my own actual plushy's (His name is Pleabus)
    And let's just say he has a, "unique" body shape.

    At first I wanted to make Pleabus the merchant, and call it The Pleabus.
    And have him sell a plushy of himself that would be called Pleabus, with the description saying, "It's a Plush Pleabus... Why would he have this?"

    But I realized that it might be too difficult and wouldn't make sense. So, Just a plush of him instead.
    Would this be a good way for a beginner to get into modding? Pleabus.jpg
  2. DrPvtSkittles

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    A plushie is a fine place to start.

    If you haven't unpacked the assets this vid explains it nicely

    After that's done go to unpacked\objects\outpost\teddybearplush to see an example of a plush from in game

    Your plush will need:
    a .frames file

      "frameGrid" : {
        "size" : [16, 16],
        "dimensions" : [1, 1],
        "names" : [
          [ "default" ]
    an .object file

      "objectName" : "teddybearplush",
      "colonyTags" : ["pretty"],
      "rarity" : "Common",
      "category" : "decorative",
      "price" : 50,
      "printable" : false,
      "description" : "A cute little teddy bear.",
      "shortdescription" : "Teddy Bear",
      "apexDescription" : "An adorable cuddly bear.",
      "avianDescription" : "A cute and cuddly toy bear.",
      "floranDescription" : "Fluffy toy is ssstaring at Floran.",
      "glitchDescription" : "Overjoyed. This bear is so soft and fuzzy!",
      "humanDescription" : "I just wanna cuddle this bear forever.",
      "hylotlDescription" : "Eeee! A wonderful bear plushie. I love it!",
      "novakidDescription" : "This lil' guy is pretty cute, I guess.",
      "inventoryIcon" : "teddybearplush.png",
      "orientations" : [
          "image" : "teddybearplush.png:<color>",
          "imagePosition" : [-8, 0],
          "direction" : "left",
          "flipImages" : true,
          "spaceScan" : 0.1,
          "anchors" : [ "bottom" ]
          "image" : "teddybearplush.png:<color>",
          "imagePosition" : [-8, 0],
          "direction" : "right",
          "spaceScan" : 0.1,
          "anchors" : [ "bottom" ]
    and the sprite in the form of a .png and an icon in the from of a .png

    For the merchant I have a template

    Oh! and an important guide for modders :p
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  3. Gassy

    Gassy Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Thank you very much!! This is all really helpful!!
    I'm going to start working on this during my free time!
    Hope it turns out at least half-way decent, haha
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