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Bug/Issue [XB1]Community Center Crashes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Acidburnmatt, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Acidburnmatt

    Acidburnmatt Yeah, You!

    My game freezes and sends me back to the dashboard when I click the community center button in my inventory as well as when I check on the pantry bundle in the community center ,I can still check on the fish tank and bulletin board they work fine as for the boiler room crafts room and the vault I've done them so don't know if they cause crashing
    • Enansal

      Enansal Seal Broken

      I have pretty much the same issue, but it's my Fish Tank that's making the game crash. From what I've seen around the forums, a handful of people are experiencing something similar as well. >^< What platform do play on? Xbox one? If so, did this only happen after the latest patch?
      • Acidburnmatt

        Acidburnmatt Yeah, You!

        Yeah just happened with this patch before that I had the game wouldn't load bug and yeah XB1
        • JeffersonSteelflex

          JeffersonSteelflex Orbital Explorer

          Same thing happening for me. Also playing on a previously unloadable file on XB1. Ever since I've regained access to my save, every time I click on the community center tree in my start menu my game freezes for about 5 seconds and then closes completely. This also happens when I go to the community center and interact with the pantry tile, but doesn't happen with the others. I have been able to replicate this at different times of the day. This didn't happen before the last patch.
          • wildfire412001

            wildfire412001 Space Spelunker

            Having same issue...happens in fish tank, vault, boiler room and bulletin board while inside community center or via inventory screen anywhere in game. Last item put in before this was duck tail in dye pack. Winter year 3 on xb1.

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