Xenarians, a fallen alien race

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    (I would first like to clarify that my English may not be correct, I'm French, and I do not draw very well)

    Hi everyone, I had an idea yesterday. I created the story of a fallen alien superpower (I wanted to add it to my participation in the contest but I did not have time ^^')

    The Xenarians ( one Xenari / two Xenarians) are an alien race from the planet Xena. They are very technologically advanced and they have an important military power.


    The soldier Xenari has a white armor, air-tight, but it can not remove because it kept alive (since the fall of the Tower of Souls, the source of life for all Xenarians, only soldiers survived because their armor has a fragment of Sphere of Souls) their true appearance is unknown.

    Xenari soldier (right) fighting a Gargass (left)


    Weapons :

    The average Xenari soldier has a ray gun and a energy saber.




    Civilization Xenarian tipped when Gargass development, with excellent conditions, accelerated sharply.
    These monstrous slugs full of acid was spilled on the planet, saturating the atmosphere of acid vapors given off their bloated corpses.

    The Xenarians evacuated their planet when Gargass invaded their capital. And their ships were already high in the sky when the Tower of Souls, source of life Xenarians, collapsed, corroded by the acid of Gargass.

    Over 80% of Xenarians evacuees died instantly or Sphere of Souls broke. The rest were soldiers, their armor containing a fragment of this sphere. (The sphere is reformed when it removes a fragment, but not when it breaks).

    The Xenarians derive now in space aboard a reduced number of ship. They are no doubt seeking a new world to colonize.

    They could be good allies

    Or powerful enemies ...

    (What do you think of my Xenarians? ^.^ )
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    Seems like a cool idea. I'd like to see several intelligent races in-game.
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    Thanks :D

    I'll add a new drawing soon ^^

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