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    I mentioned in my void chicken recolor that I was working on a more complicated modding project and I thought I'd make a post on what exactly it is and my progress on it so far. See if there is any interest, yeah?

    As you can probably tell from the title I'm using the CustomeNPC mod to make a new dateable inhabitant of Stardew Valley. Just to get this straight I know absolutely nothing about coding or any sort of thing like that and have sort of been teaching myself through scouring the internet for explanations of how things work. I'm honestly not great at doing pixel art stuff for the sprites and portraits either but I'm determined to see this project to the end.

    So to get to it, this mod will be adding a new female npc, her name is Clair. Shes based off the first ever OC I use to use for roleplaying as a kid, as cringy as that might sound that's how she started and shes my favorite character to this day.
    Personality wise I'm hoping she'll come off as rather friendly and a bit goofy while still having some of those slight pangs of anxiousness. I plan on her having some slight friendship with The Wizard and Linus but I'm still not exactly sure of how/where to put her within the map but I'm contemplating somewhere near the forest where the wizard tower and hat mouse is. (I'm actually having a lot of trouble figuring how to do that stuff such as the spouse rooms and adding in buildings)

    Now onto what progress I have done so far:
    Portrait sheet- done (may be more depending on heart events)
    Sprite sheet- about 25%
    Dialogue- about 30% (I'll be including a few examples as a little taste of what shes like down below)
    Events- Currently only have two planned out but not written (no spoilers for that I'm afraid :3 )
    Schedule- Planned but not written
    Spouse room- complications

    [​IMG] Yes I used Penny as the basis for the face/body because as mentioned before I'm not good at pixelart.


    Here are a couple of the general dialogue options and a few event ones.

    "Howdy, Hello there, Hiya! It's lovely to meet a new face around here!"(Her introduction when first met)
    "I think winter is my favorite season. Although the white and blue tones are hard on my eyes." (said during winter obviously)
    "I don't like to smile very often... Truth be told I have a horrible gap in my front teeth." (option comes up to either say "No wonder you look like a goat" or "I think you look lovely either way", when choosing the first option, her sad portrait is shown and she says "That wasn't very nice." when the second option is chosen Her sprite changes to her open smile and she says "Really?")
    "Why does everyone hate void mayonnaise, I kinda like it. What? Don't look at me like that!"
    "It's saddening that people judge other so harshly without getting to know them." (said after a heart event)
    "I'm not much for eggs but I love all the pastel colors!" (said at the egg festival)
    "The Ocean kinda freaks me out so I don't go to the beach often. But that Elliot guy living down there seems pretty neat."

    These are a few of the higher heart ones but not marriage dialogue.

    "Ya know I normally don't stick around one place too long. But I think I might be finding a reason to stay."
    "Hey (name) I want to thank you, You've given me a few more reasons to smile lately." (said after one of the heart event)
    "Has anyone ever told you that you have nice eyes?"
    "The Moonlight jellies come tomorrow night. I'm not a big fan of the ocean myself... But I'll go if you do!"(day before the moonlight jellies)
    "Kinda wish I could've seen what this town was like before Joja came in. But you've done a wonderful thing and I'm so proud." (said after the completion of the community center)

    So that's about it for now, any questions/suggestions/whatever don't be afraid to tell/ask me.

    Update 5/7/19

    Getting back to working on this.

    Now Clair's personality is more towards the eccentric side. She's very outgoing and wants to be friends with almost anyone but is afraid of how others perceive her and believes shes annoying. She's good friends with the Wizard and Linus, Which I won't mention too much since I don't want to spoil anything. Shes also a bit of a romantic and sometimes very forgetful and oblivious to other people. On rare occasion, Clair will say some things that are slightly mystical in nature near certain events.

    Clair has a Ragdoll cat named Coco who she mentions as being kind of a grump.

    Her hobbies include cooking and gardening.

    -Finish Events
    -Finish Dialogue
    -Start schedule
    -Make spouse room
    -map house
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      you got me interested, what about having her live with Marlon, as his daughter or something. It means that you don't have to make a brand new house, just edit an existing one.
      If you're still working on this I'm happy to try help with this.
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      • AjaxToTheMax

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        oof I kinda let this die off cause my mental health got kicked down the stairs and thrown into a paper shredder but I'm doing a lot better and will be coming back to finish this! Although It's been over a year and modding for sdv has changed slightly and I completely forgot everything I learned from before so this should go great.

        @klo167 Sorry I never replied until now. :facepalm: I figured out where I'm going to put her house since having her living with someone kind of feels like just taking the easy route and I kinda wanna challenge myself a little. Thank you for the advice though.
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          well if you need help with art let me know ^^ also, is there any chance you'd consider having a male variant of her if you did work on it again?
          • AjaxToTheMax

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            Thanks for the offer but I kinda want to work on this project myself just to see how far I can get. And if it does work out I may consider making a male version. And may or may not have plans for a few other gentlemen npcs once this ones finished.;)
            • Zosa

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              haha, ok then i will wait (im)patiently for you~
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